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Greed and tribalism will take the president to hell By: Raan Naath, South Sudan
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Sep 6, 2008 - 9:22:26 AM

Greed and tribalism will take the president to hell


It's ridiculous for Salva Kiir to sign a tribal list of 9 Dinkas selected and presented to him by his tribal office Manager as GoSS Mission officers in Canada. The First Vice President and President Kiir's office Manager, Martin Majut Yak, is very well known for promotion of tribalism.
Many people who knew him well before he was appointed by the President as his office Manager could not understand what the President liked in him to qualify him for that important office.
Now it is probably clear that his tribalism can be blessed by the President who just signed into office nine Dinkas occupying all nine seats. Where is regional or ethnic balance or consideration in Southern Sudan?

It is not surprising, though as this has been the point of criticism always in the media when we talk of tribal leadership in GoSS, etc. Many things like this occur in Juba, may be they are new to the Diaspora!
I wonder what kind of history do people like Salva Kiir and Martin Majut Yaak want to leave behind when God finally gets fed up with them and they follow the rest of our former leaders. Greed and tribalism will not take such people to paradise but to hell. This greediness was always the cause of divisions in the South and should not be encouraged by our President who wants to prove himself as somebody who can distribute power equally and unite the people.
I suggest that the corrupt and illegal list of those tribal opportunists be cancelled and the rightful GoSS Minister of Regional Cooperation should be returned his mandate to nominate the officers.


By: Raan Naath, South Sudan.




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