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Government of Sudan and Darfur crisis/Musa Yakub Daoud
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May 27, 2007 - 9:28:18 PM

Government of Sudan and Darfur crisis

Darfur crisis. It is astonishing and shocking what is going on inside the Sudanese mosques and a particular martyred mosque in Khartoum. We are very concerned about their speeches and preaching to people in the wrong direction for those who do not have enough knowledge of their faith.

Furthermore, our answer for those officials in that martyred mosque is very simple- as Darfurians we do not have any hatred for all God's human creation whatever their religion, whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish.

Also, as Darfurians we believe that all prophets come from God. Therefore, it is not necessary for those officials in that martyred mosque to insult or fundamentally to use religion as a defence for their actions in the crisis in Darfur.

In addition the answer for those government officials is simple. Why Darfurians are accepting 5:m US $D from Israel or any part of the world is simply because those countries have dignity and concern for the human catastrophe.

Darfurians are welcoming to any one who has concern of human dignity whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim. In addition, our question for those officials in that martyred mosque in Khartoum is- How is it that Egypt and Jordan are living with Israel peacefully and those countries are not out of the Muslim or out of the Arab world?

Musa Yakub Daoud

Secretary of fur union in United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

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