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General Congress of JEM Asserts Creation of a political Party/Professor Mahmoud Abakar Sulaiman
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Nov 15, 2006 - 7:50:00 PM

General Congress of JEM Asserts Creation of a political Party

In a statement issued November 14th 06, the General Congress of JEM (GCJEM) outlined the rationale for its move to convert JEM into a national political party.  The statement included the following:


  1. JEM is essentially a political organisation that takes Sudan problems -including the current Darfur crisis - as fundamentally political and should be addressed in purely political terms.  Adoption of the military approach in Darfur is a temporary deviation necessitated by intransigence of Khartoum Regime, represented by Albashir’s notorious Alfashir Declaration that he would “only talk to those who carry arms”.  Conversion of JEM into a political party constitutes a return to a fundamental principle that informs JEM’s philosophy.
  2. By the current decision, JEM intends to overcome the eternal problem of military/liberation movements, namely their lack of preparedness for civic and political combat.  Over the years, JEM has paid close attention to this trap and is fully prepared to avoid it. JEM is already a national movement with membership from all over the Sudan and with agenda that are clearly national.  JEM has long diagnosed Darfur crisis as primarily of marginalisation that affects many regions in the country.  This view has been painstakingly promoted in JEM’s early publication: The Black Book: Imbalance of Power and Wealth in the Sudan.
  3. In taking this move, JEM wants to boost hope and encourage all to work for overcoming the current impasse in the Sudan
  4. JEM asserts that its national ethos is clearly reflected in its concern about other regions of the Sudan.  True to its philosophy, JEM maintains military presence across the Sudan.  At the political level, JEM has continuously been highlighting issues of injustice, oppression and genocide pertaining to all regions including the eastern Sudan, Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains and Amri in the northern region.
  5. JEM has matured through its experience and now boasts a substantial cadre that enables it to challenge others in the political sphere at the earliest opportunity and under genuine and dignified peace. Over the years, JEM has also formulated its political vision that can effectively challenge the current inept political system and deliver democracy, rule of law and respect for human life and dignity.
  6. The move towards forming a political party should put an end to the insidious assumption that JEM is nothing but a military wing of Turab’s Popular Party.  Such an assumption is central to the racist vision that Darfurians are incapable of forming their own parties and can only operate as conduits and extensions of northern-based projects.
  7. Conversion of JEM into a political party will open the Movement for those who support out philosophy but are not comfortable with the military aspect of the struggle.



Professor Mahmoud Abakar Sulaiman

Deputy President of the General Congress, JEM

Email:[email protected]

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