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Foreigners Presence in Sudan by Omar Al Bushra
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Jun 26, 2008 - 9:05:28 AM

Foreigners Presence in Sudan

The dangers posed by foreign presence in Sudan remained unheeded till the Sudanese Chief of Security and Intelligence highlighted them on Monday in his presentation at the workshop held on the impact of that presence on national security.

The Sudanese public opinion was unaware of how some foreigners came to Sudan to practice act diametrically opposed to national interest.

One of the important areas touched on by the security chief was some embassies and organizations deviation from their original missions. As put by Lt. Gen. Gosh, these embassies moved freely, making contacts with national forces in an attempt to mobilize them to serve their Western strategies.

Worse still is the recruitment by these missions of agents, a move that was alien to Sudanese nationals.

In fact, what lends credence to their attempts is that they have come from a man who sits on the top hierarchy of national security and intelligence.

Now that the dangers of foreigners' presence have been clearly spelt out by General Gosh, immediate measures should be taken to counter them.

There was no question about foreigners' presence being the cause of a host of problems Sudan has faced. We have seen how some organizations which came to Sudan under the umbrella of humanitarian work, deviated from that and got involved in our affairs.

We also saw some Western politicians openly intervening in our domestic affairs making public statements critical of Sudan 's policies.

Added to that some have infiltrated Sudan to practice subversive activities against their countries or to deliberately drive a wedge between Sudan and its neighbours.

As General Gosh has blamed this foreign behaviour on the absence of legislations and laws that control it, we demand that the parties concerned immediately embark on enacting laws to protect Sudan against those foreigners who used to take advantage of Sudanese decent treatment of foreigners.




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