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Flight Safety comes First by Sami Alshazali
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Aug 30, 2008 - 8:01:21 AM

Flight Safety comes First

From news reports the hijacking of the Sudanese plane of Sun-Air Company ended Wednesday afternoon at Kufra airport, Libya, by the surrender of the hijackers to the Libyan authorities.

The incidents proves without doubt that there is a defect in the flight safety measures taken in our airports. The question to ask is how can we imagine that the hijackers entered the aircraft with two pistols without being discovered by the security authorities in Nyala airport. Why were the security personnel so careless not to inspect every passenger who boarded the plane thoroughly? What methods do they use in inspecting passengers when on their way to board the plane?
Arenít there any detecting tools through which the airport authorities could avoid such incidents?
A pistol is not that tiny thing which can be hidden without being discovered! It is the airport personnel who are to be blamed to the extent that one can classify them as collaborators with the criminals.
An intensive investigation should take place to find out how those hijackers managed to pass all the airport security procedures and entered the plane with two pistols.
Another thing is that strict measures should be taken by civil aviation authorities on the issue of flight safety to regain the confidence of passengers using aircrafts in the country.
There are the International Civil Aviation Administration (ICAO) measures and regulations on flight safety which are adopted all over the global airports and there are also the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations which deal with flight safety measures, but it seems that these regulations to reduce the air transportation risks are not fully applied in Sudanese airports.

We call upon the Civil Aviation Authorities to take necessary measures for the flight safety in all the countryís airports because without doing that people will distance themselves from using aircrafts.


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