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Find out solutions by Salaheldin Hussein
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Jan 4, 2009 - 3:04:11 AM

              Find out solutions

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                Salaheldin Hussein
 I would like to extend my warmly greeting to Sudanese nation   every where and in our nice country Sudan, for the occasion of the new years particularly vulnerable group , people in IDP camp and   Sudanese refugee and to those whom are waiting the real independence of Sudan, that will be when those whom are calling themselves Sudanese   the   immigrants from Arabic island go back to their home (gallaba) so you must    to give your self good time to think about this regime   why same Sudanese are ruling this country and others marginalized ?
Why power dominated by specific group (minorities?) Why not to identify your self?
 Why you are keeping quite? Why not to speak out your rights? And why ………………………………………………………..why ……etc
This is good time to show your sense of belonging and loyalty to this country, by opposing this regime and proceed to find out solutions before the darkness come. So we are responsible to oppose, to reject, to demonstrate, to carry gun, to stop genocide, to drive out this cruel regime.
The history will punish us, we can not keep quite and deny the truth the good people realize and you’re among them, no need to wait time is over and over. and we have seen same hope when comprehensive peace agreement(CPA) signed in south which is able to solve the critical political issues in Sudan ,but unfortunately no good well to implement .almost four   years age of this agreement .then we run to Abuja for peace and we got new born which is Darfur peace agreement(DPA), but   died when taken to operation room .then the owner of( DPA) setting in big chair and talking on stomach issues .you will proof when you goes through different agreement in the history of Gallaba country with deeply analysis .so let us be frank and think . Where is the wise way? To sign agreement or use other mechanisms.      From here we have to carry out demonstration against this regime every where in Sudan and immediately join movement (JEM) to step down this regime, then we proceed to implement our nice (CPA.) Because 2009 it is year of freedom to Sudanese, after 53 years of internal colonization and to say Good by for them, that is will be good solution to marginalized people and overcoming the darkness will not be throughout the country. let us act on it .
                 Salaheldin Hussein
                             Addis Ababa  

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