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Enemies of the CPA poise to create confusion by By Majok Nikodemo Arou
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Jul 4, 2008 - 8:13:16 PM

    Enemies of the CPA poise to create confusion


 By Majok Nikodemo Arou


Anybody who has read the article titled: 'the 1991 historic move is a blessing to Southern Sudan' , published on July 4, 2008, would not miss the point that the name of author Gatkuoth Lam, is a mere pen name. The self acclaimed author disguises himself under that name to revive or rather strategise the mediocre tribal politics championed by the National Islamic Front during the war to simply exercise the policy of Divide and Rule.



One has his own reasons to believe the author is not a Nuer, nor a Southern Sudanese. He is definitely a hidden enemy in our midst who seeks to create wedge and differences among our leaders and people. But he will not go away with it amid political awareness of our masses.



Yes, it's his right to disagree with the late Dr John Garang as a person, but he was off point to discredit his role in the struggle. It is definitely the work of Lucifer to distort history. Even Dr Riak Machar, whom the author tries to polish to achieve his political gimmicks, would not endorse the idea that Garang did not contribute in the struggle.


The author genuinely grasps the fact that veteran SPLA soldiers and the fallen heroes who shed their blood to write the history, knew what they fought for. Life is so dear to be sacrificed in vain Mr Author.    



The alleged author seems to celebrate heinous massacres of the innocent people and ridicule the struggle in which two million people were butchered and four million others displaced.



One would like compatriots to be aware when they read such articles. Lucifer has ability to misinform and paint ill scenario about the history of struggle. And that is what Lucifer author has done.


The following facts betray the author:


1-      The late Lieutenant Colonel Francis Ngor, fell while fighting the Khartoum-backed militia in Jikou. He was not a PhD holder as alleged and cited by the Lucifer to prove his claim doctors were dragged into the battles.

2-      The self asserted author is well informed, but chose to distort the facts for his ulterior motives.

3-      The way he polished Dr Riak Machar, depicts that he wanted the leadership crisis. A pipe dream he will not achieve. The SPLM emerged stronger from the recent convention held in Juba.      

4-      The manner, in which he discredited Dr Garang in an exaggerated manner, brings home the idea he is determined to throttle the CPA, a thing that demonstrates he is an outsider and not a Nuer.

5-      The author armed himself with distorted facts to confirm he once joined the SPLA/SPLM.  

6-      The SPLA/M supporters across the globe are united and could not be swayed by the cheap tribal policies, which author and the likes seek to promote. That recipe is outdated and could no longer set our people against each other. There may be some myopic elements who may entertain such cheap politics, but the masses are awake.  

7-      Throughout his article, the author attempted to outshine the CPA by highlighting the Khartoum Peace Agreement.

8-      He tried to identify himself as a Nuer but miserably failed. Poor author is not yet aware that the Nuers will be at the frontline with their brothers when the CPA is at stake. Chickens have come home to roost.

9-      The New Sudan Vision and Self Determination have already blossomed. Your goods are shoddy. Please look for another market.


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