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Ending Sima Samar mission in Sudan by Salma Altagani
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Sep 24, 2008 - 8:55:48 AM

Ending Sima Samar mission in Sudan

No woman attracted the Sudanese justice and political arena like UN Human Rights rapporteur Sima Samar. Her report earlier this month presented a damning view of human rights situation in Sudan.

The Sudanese response to Samar’s allegations is that if Sudan is totally devoid of human rights then how can she (Samar) fly into Sudan, and travel to cities safe, enjoying good sleep in hotels and even visits prisoners?”
It became quite clear that Sima Samar is working out the agendas of other parties hostile to Sudan. Legal experts described her existence in Sudan as unjustifiable in the recent time.

We know that Sima Samar should inform the government authorities about any violation she comes across to review before taking any further steps.
It is known that her mandate is not an open period but could be renewed from six months to one year and up to two years.
Now that mandate in Sudan it seems is unjustifiable because there are no constant human rights violations in this country.

Darfur case is dealt with by the UNSC through an assigned investigation committee and UNSG and other UNSC officials have visited Sudan so no need for another body to review the human rights violations like Samar is doing.
We call for ending the Un Human Rights rapporteur’s days in Sudan because it is not necessary to have two international organs doing the same job.
As for those countries attempting to extend the mandate of Sima Samar, it has become clear that they want to utilize the women to serve their hostile agendas on Sudan.



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