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Efforts for normalizing Sudanese Chadian relations by Yassir Madani
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Aug 7, 2008 - 11:29:12 AM

Efforts for normalizing Sudanese Chadian relations

Needless to say that the return of relations between Chad and Sudan to its normality is a positive step and emphasizes the point that severing of the relations is an abnormal phenomenon in international diplomacy. Resumption of normal relations means a return to bilateral interests of the two countries i.e. trade, education etc.

About the opposition parties which are taking sanctuary in Chad it is time for such factions as JEM and Abdulwahid Nur's SLM to prove their declared intent to join the peace process which might lead to the release of JEM detainees in Khartoum prisons.

France and American companies have their interests in the area and it is for their benefit that the relations between the two countries are normal. In addition to that the resumption of relations between the two countries means the return of peace and reconciliation to the whole region.
The normalization will also ease the Sudanese government contacts with the rebel armed movements which have relations with Chad and that will lead to improved relations and convince those rebels to join negotiations for peace according to the recent declared initiative by President Al-Bashir.
What is important is that this time the normalization should continue unlike the previous ones and here comes the role of Libya to guarantee the agreement between the two countries benefiting from the mistakes of the previous failed agreements.

We hope that the Libyan attempts which coincide with several other initiatives to resolve the Darfur crisis will contribute to the return of rebels to sit round the negotiations table to have collective resolutions for a comprehensive peace in Darfur.


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