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Eastern Front Disputes by Omar Khalid
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Sep 7, 2008 - 9:45:06 AM

Eastern Front Disputes

Papers published yesterday in Khartoum revealed that NCP, through Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail mediation, managed to stop the escalation between the two disputed parties in Eastern Front.

However, it seems that disputes within the rebel movements after signing peace deals with the present government is the habit of all rebel movements starting from SPLM which went in inner disputes since the CPA signature and is still suffering such disputes. Following the DPA signature SLM/A rebels who singed the peace deal were divided into several factions and the leaders of the movement went into differences amongst themselves and the dispute continues.
Now it is Eastern Front's turn to escalate the disputes amongst its leaders to the extent of NCP interfering to cool down the tensions within the movement.
The question that poses itself is what are the differences about?  It is obvious that the rebel movements sat round the negotiation table with the government and discussed all the needs of their people in wealth and power shares and all the differences were overcome and crowed by signing the peace agreement.

But for the ordinary observer the disputes amongst the rebel movements' leaders seem to be over personal agendas which every leader wants it to dominate the other agendas.

The main looser in all these differences are the citizens of these areas who suffered a lot during the war times and were waiting for the moment that their leaders achieve their aspirations.

As for Eastern Front, we urge its leaders to be reasonable in their debate and put the interest of the Eastern Sudan citizens first, because they suffered a lot and it is time for them to taste the fruits of the peace agreement.
Good that the NCP managed to stop the escalation after the failure of several mediations, but at the same time Eastern front leadership should overcome its differences to work out a plan to develop the eastern region and its citizens who were suffering from poverty, ignorance, diseases and waited several years to be rescued through the Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement.


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