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Double Standard in Daylight Time by Ahmed AlBahi
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Jul 15, 2008 - 9:56:45 AM

Double Standard in Daylight Time

The current Israeli bombing of Gaza is best telling of the double standard policy as practiced by some Western powers. As displayed by TV Channels, and reported by media, Israel seems to be carrying out a "holocaust" in Gaza strip.

The victims of the attacks were mostly children, women and aging people. Notwithstanding the condemnation of the attacks by the International Community, Israel is determined to go ahead with its bombardment of civilians to translate into reality its threat of a "holocaust" in Gaza as its Deputy Defence Minister said.
Amazingly amid this tragic situation, the Gaza citizens have been experiencing day and night, US and its Western allies have remained silent as if the people of Gaza belong to a planet other than ours.

Indeed, these parties support to Israel is not new. Since the Jewish State has been established, it has continued to feed on Western support, particularly that of US. But what strikes us with amazement is the double standard policy shamelessly adopted by these powers.

Equally amazing is the position of SLM/A rebel leader, Abdulwahid Nur who recently opened an office for his faction in Israel.

Abdulwahid chose to take that step when he alleged that he is struggling for the legitimate rights of his people.

How come then he dared to seek the friendship of a State that has not been violating the rights of Palestinians only, but it is currently attempting to extinguish them simply because they are fighting to recover their occupied land?
Western allies of Israel standard policy may not be unusual, but Abdulwahid move would certainly back fire on him.


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