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Do not depend on American support by Fisal Alnour
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Aug 13, 2008 - 7:53:28 AM

Do not depend on American support

Senior Presidential Assistant, Minni Arkoi Minnawi, may or may not be aware of the fate of all those who had previously sought help from the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan nor the huge price to be paid for that help.
Being fully familiar with the government's tug-of-war with the United States which has not taken even one stand that could be said in favour of Sudan, how can Minnawi ask for an American role in his return to Khartoum?  He has not been expelled from Khartoum, but has rather left it out of his free will on a visit to Darfur states after which he sent a letter to the President of the Republic affirming his commitment to the Abuja agreement. The Presidency, in turn, welcomed that step. Why, then, does Minnawi ask the United States to play a role in his return to Khartoum.

  To wit, the Sudanese government has spared no effort to implement all the agreements concluded, including Abuja. It therefore does not require the United States or any other power to implement those agreements.

 The Senior Presidential Assistant should assume more sense of responsibility and reconsider many times over his requests for help from the United States because that help is never free of charge. 






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