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Development in spite of sanctions by Ahmed Al Badri
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Aug 16, 2008 - 8:40:07 AM

Development in spite of sanctions


The President's visit to Blue Nile State recently affirmed without any doubt that the GoNU partners are progressing towards a real, and firm partnership, especially after the strong and frank speech of Blue Nile Governor, Malik Agar who said,

"Go ahead Mr. President and we are all behind you as long as you are seeking our development!" The visit also affirmed that the Sudanese people whenever they live have the same motive which is summarized by sticking to the nation's unity, independence and sovereignty.

Hundreds of thousands of Blue Nile citizens received the President and as Governor Agar said again in his address, "Mr. President, had it not been for the rains, you would have received multiple numbers of our citizens.
The mass rally in Damazin represented a strong response to Ocampo's allegations as all the people are rallying behind their President.
The visit despite its objective as of inspecting development projects important of which was the upgrading of Al Roseiris Dam, yet it was transformed to a practical response to Ocampo's allegations.
This has also been affirmed by the President in his speech when he said that the practical answer to Ocampo's allegation is more development projects which some hostile circles are trying to hinder.
The Dam's heightening will lead to the irrigation of 3 million feddans from  which cultivation of agricultural crops in Sudan will go steadily towards making the Sudan the world's food basket.
With the upgrading of this giant dam at Al Roseiris, Sudan will be green forever and its development will be in upswing revolution.

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