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Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA
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Jul 17, 2006 - 3:15:00 AM

Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush
By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA)
July 16, 2006
First of all, I’d like to tell you that people who don’t respect themselves nor respect those who don’t think like them, eventhough, they’re Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Lecturers, Teachers... I don’t respect them. Because humanity, education, respect and tolerance are above University degrees. They’re essential values and very important for me, since we can’t live in a peaceful society without them. Therefore, you don’t deserve my respect anymore, because you are GALI-AL-ADAB(1)!!!.

A “white man” from Sudan called Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush between two black people

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Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush:
You are one of many black Sudanese who do believe that they’re white because of your WAHAM(2)!!! Moreover, you constantly defame and insult writing against the black Sudanese people, specially against the Darfurian fighters who fight for justice, freedom and real democracy, and the Southerners: Sometimes you accuse them of acting on behalf of the international Sionizm and the the American Imperialism in order to convert Sudan into a black kingdom, after eliminating Islam and the Arabic cultuure. Othertimes you act shamefully as Hakamat(3) Omar Al-Bashir praising him, insulting the opposition and propagating hatred among Sudanese people writing false information against certain ethnic groups. For instance, the ridiculous systematic warning on “Dawlat Zaghawa Al-Uzma” (The Great Zaghawa Country ), but now you shut your mouth and broke your pen like a hen, after Mr. Mini Arko Minawi has allied with your master Omar Al-Bashir.
You were not lucky, because your dream didn’t realise: I think you were hoped that Mr. Abdel-Wahid Mohamed Al-Nur were the signer of the so called Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) that’s been signed in Abuja on May 5, 2006 in order to justify the Al-Intikas’(4) theory of “Dawlat Zaghawa Al-Uzma” that’s been propagated among the Sudanese people for years so as to provoke hatred against this ethnic group. Then, do Al-Intikas and you will invent another propaganda against the Fur tribe in future time, in order to weaken Mr. Abdel-Wahid Mohamed Al-Nur?
Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush:
With respect to Darfur atrocities you just laugh and jeer us (all the Darfurians): You reject even the existence of the Janjaweed militia, but the most annoying thing to you is the biggest international solidarity with Darfur. It received moral, political and economical supports from whole good men and women on earth: Dozens of international ONG’s offer their help to almost 3.000.000 Internal Displaced People (IDP) and thousands refugees in the neighboring Chad.
The majority of the international mass media talks about the Darfur atrocities, but the ill-mind people like you consider this international generosity and solidarity with us as a disguise and part of a plan to stole Darfur’s resources (oil, uranium...) and the resources of whole the country. Definitely, you always repeat your master Omar Al-Bashir’s statements. Nevertheless, you never ever mention the suffering of the innocent Darfurian children, women and elders; you never ever ask your master to spend some of the oil money for the IDP in Darfur so as to regain the pride and dignity of Sudan and then say thanks to all the NGO’s who brought tons of food and medicine to Darfur. Why do you always use your pen for confrontation? Why do you love hatred, division, war and atrocities? And why do you constantly write deceits and encourage the Darfurian people and the Sudanese in general to hate each other?
Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush:
Your master Omar Al-Bashir and you always blame the west (Europe and US) for all bad things that happen in Sudan and in the Arab World, because you are hypocrite and demagogue ; you should distingish between the western goverments’ policies and their citizens: Never ever in human history people from all over the world have mobilized against the war like what happened after the President of the US, Gorge W. Bush, declared war against Irak.
Your master and you always make the same mistake talking about western people as either Christians or Jewish, it’s not true; you should know that there are a lot of people who consider the international solidarity and peace as their religion. They risk their lifes in order to help poor people, refugees, IDP, etc. independently of their faith or their race, but unfortunately, ill-mind and fascists like you and your master Omar Al-Bashir consider them just as spies.
There’s no doubt that the western governments always consider their interests above everything, since they’re not NGO’s. For instance, Kuwait had been liberated from Saddam thanks to the west and some Arab countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. however, Sudan, Yemen... have solidarized with Saddam. Obviously, the western countries helped Kuwait for its oil, but I don’t understand why your master the genocidal Omar Al-Bashir supported Saddam, to invade an Arab state that’s sovereign and UNO’s member?

Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush:
Lets go back to domestic issues: You always use to be GALI-AL-ADAB insult the Sudanese political opponents who don’t think like you. Moreover, you encourage the Darfurian of Arabic origin to fight against the indigenous Darfurian people, who you call ZURGA (blacks), because your WAHAM make you think that you’re a white man.
I’m sure if you meet face to face with somebody from Darfur, specially a ZURGA man or women you’ll never dare to insult him or her, but hiding yourself you can write whatever you want, even insulting and defaming whoever you want.
Dear “white” brother Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Shush:
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You can never be a racist against the ZURGA, because you and the majority of the Sudanese people belong to the same race as those who you call blacks because of your ignorance or WAHAM.
(1) a person who uses to insult systematically and doesn’t respect himself nor others.
(2) a false belief or a fantasy.
(3) female singers who encourage tribe fighters praising them.
(4) the setback regime.

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