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Darfur and Prof Anne Bartlett By Mohammed M. Haiba
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May 18, 2008 - 10:44:20 AM

Darfur and Prof Anne Bartlett
By Mohammed M. Haiba

Dear Prof.

I went through your write-up that titled the Stop the Witch Hunt in Khartoum . However, let me raise few questions before we deepen our debate/discussion. Have you been to Sudan recently? What do you know about other parts of Sudan ? Do you know the miniature of Darfur social composition?

Now irrespective of who initiated the aggression on Omdurman , we need to have a consensus that Sudan is a sovereign and independent country where law and order should be maintained at any cost. I agree with you that the early beginning of this regime was so abusive and offensive but what we appreciate now is that it is learning from its mistakes and and ultimately avoid them. Additionally, as you know Sudan has willfully put off a fierce civil war by executing CPA with Southern fighters a move that should be credited to Sudanese government account. Being interested in the Sudanese affair, I am really surprised at your appeal to the international community decry the government for its reaction to the attack made by the-so-called (JEM). Unfortunately, you did not mention anything in your write-up about the innocent individual who have lost their lives in that chaotic and barbaric attack. However, let me try to put you in the picture of the situation by narrate this story that featured by Sudan TV. An innocent Sudanese expatriate originally from Darfur returned back form his Diaspora in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after being convinced that the country is peaceful and settlement is economically feasible. He chose to settle down in Omdurman and operate a brick factory using all the wealth that he gained during his expatriation in the oil rich Saudi Arabia over years and years. Regrettably, this poor man and the other people working for him (22) have all lost their lives following the indiscriminate attack of 10th May 2008. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is only one example of the victims of the crazy (JEM) leader let a lone the children that he used and captured by the Sudanese armed forces. Of course they are considered as enemies and sorrowfully must have been beatn and tortured to death. Dear Prof. you know better than me it was war battle that either you win it or it will take you!! let me bring to your kind attention the reaction of the US Government when NY was attacked on the 11th Sep and when the Special Task Force raided the houses in Afghanistan and blindly picked up again poor Sudanese and others and send them to the notorious Guantanamo or X-Ray camp! wasn't that a battle? or double standard polices and contradictions are are allowed in some cases? What humanity are we talking about? 

However, to refute all these things you are cordially invited to visit Sudan and to see the real development that the contentious Dar fur is witnessing now.


Dear Prof. with due respect, I hope that this humble contribution will help all of us to correct our view about Sudan  and ultimately bring all Sudanese together.


Mohammed Haiba,Sudanese citizen

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