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Darfur Rebels reluctant stances by Adil Faris
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Sep 14, 2008 - 9:11:40 AM

Darfur Rebels reluctant stances

Needless saying that if the signatory and non-signatory rebel movements in Darfur want peace for Darfur people and to end the violence circle in the region, the only option to achieve that is the political solution through negotiations.
But to the surprise of all local, regional and international bodies is the rejection of SLM (Abdulwahid Nour faction) and JEM (Khalil Ibrahim faction) of the initiative adopted by Arab Foreign Ministers meeting with Qatar hosting the peace talks.

The initiative got the support of the Arab League, the African Union which represents the biggest African regional organizations. Added to that France which entered strongly this time in supporting the Qatari efforts to host the peace talks between the Sudanese government and the Darfur rebels.
Abdulwahid and Khalil prior to their knowledge about the contents of the initiative they declared their rejection in an attempt to create a kind of tribalism and ethnic conflicts after their big failure to affirm genocide in the region.
It could be better for the two rebels to know the nature of the initiative and on what basis and grounds and have their time to evaluate it before declaring their view.

Abdulwahid calls for providing security in Darfur before negotiation and at the same time rejects any initiative to settle the crisis, proves undoubtedly that the rebel movements do not have any negotiating vision.
It became clear to the public that the rebel movements' rejection to any initiative means that those movements represent cat's-paw to certain international powers hostile to Sudan.

Another strange thing is that the rebel movements accused the Arab countries as working out the initiative to rescue the Arab government in Khartoum. Those rebel movements should remember that they launch their activities in Arab countries and their leaders are flying from one Arab state to another besides their presence in the Arab TV channels.
It seems that the rebel movements are still living the dream of ousting the regime in Khartoum which has proved to be impossible; and JEM sabotage attempt is evident of that.

We call on rebel movements' leader to resort to reason and come out with a unified vision to resolve the crisis for the sake of the suffering Darfurians


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