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Corruption in the GOSS is a threat to peace in south Sudan. by Thomas Mawein Bior, Gogrial, Sudan
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Apr 20, 2008 - 10:32:39 AM

Corruption in the GOSS is a threat to peace in south Sudan .


It's not easy to understand what is going on in the GOSS. GOSS as we know it today is not what we have been fighting for during the war. Employment in the GOSS is based on "technical know who, not technical know how." It's not surprising that unskilled people are arranged to dictate in the high offices, meanwhile the skillful who know "how" to perform the right duties are locked behind bars. We all know that knowledge is wealth. So long as we are taken up by the feelings of technical know "who" based on tribal line, we cannot make south Sudan as a country of its own. Besides, division within tribe based on "who" comes from which village is another complication among us. When we're complaining about corruption, it's a mistake from GOSS to put those who've no financial experiences in holding such huge amounts of public funds. How can somebody who can not manage his household funds manage public funds? There is a very big mistake some where for which GOSS is whole-heartedly preparing to take us back to the north Government. Skillful people in the GOSS are forced under gun point to work according to the wishes of unskilled laborers in the GOSS.

Divide and Rule Policy:

GOSS had succeeded in building theaters among south Sudanese. The issues of "Dinkanization of Equatoria" is one of the compelling blindness in the GOSS. Majority of Dinka leaders who are fueling these ideas are in the GOSS, and GOSS is facilitating their activities by supplying some aid like firearms and relief aid to bring about success to the wrong dream that will not help any South Sudanese, but will continue to create ever lasting hatred. In Upper Nile , the division that is going on today will cause serious problem in future. We know during the war, many people had been assassinated. But that feeling is still going on among some leaders who are enjoying killing at the expense of the peoples` right. Division which is going on will amount to break down of SPLA/SPLM unless GOSS is ready to revived its ambition over the people. Rampart division between Dinkas and Murle people had been fueled by SPLA/M during the war. Raiding alone is not the cause of this problem, but feelings of some responsible people during and after the war is the cause. Alienation, Occupation plan, domination, colonization, humiliation of other tribes had been the major focus of SPLA/M in GENERAL, it will take time to unite all the tribes in south Sudan under one umbrella just because we failed to learn from our mistakes. Every where thousands of south Sudanese are crying in the name of GOSS. I am putting all these grievances in support of the oppressed. Especially the Equatorians whose lands are undergoing occupation, and some Upper Nilers who are decomposed by GOSS.



Thomas Mawein Bior, Gogrial , Sudan



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