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Comment on Bashir Indictment by Dr Isam Siddig
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Jul 17, 2008 - 7:51:19 AM

Dear Bakri
Kindly publish the following comment on ICC prosecuter`s accusation that President 

Bashir "committed the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur".by 

   B. Rgds dr Isam Siddig
[email protected]
Indictment OR Instigation
The International Criminal Court (ICC)  attorney ,& US/UK/FRA governments are instigating Racial  Dogmatism in our developing country Sudan ,
I noticed that in the CPA between Government of Sudan  and rebel movement SPLM/A   , the US experts , proposed  that Wealth  be distributed  racially  (2% to  Dinka  and Mesairia Tribes in Abei !  ) would they advice that US wealth be distributed racially between Indigenous Red Indians and Immigrating Whites ! . Same instigation is repeated in Darfur .In President Bashir Indictment ICC attorney accused Bashir of masterminding  and implementing  a plan to destroy in substantial part the Fur, Masalit and Zaghawa groups in the region of Darfur . This accusation received very wide publicity on most TV channels . I strongly believe that the main reason for that accusation of President Bashir is to cause wide scale TRIBAL WAR in Sudan and show that Islam is a religion of racial discrimination ! .The fact that Islam is the religion to fight DOGMATISM /Dictatorship/Corruption . The Quran tells us that ""Iblees who was originally an Angle but became a SATAN (Devil) because he objected to God Al Mighty that he is superior to man because God created him from Fire & created man from Mud signaling the first act of practicing  discrimination , now some Human beings , namely the Zionists who are behind ICC attorney , followed the SATAN and think also that they are superior to ALL other races ! and  their mission is to destroy them ALL . They are responsible for current  outbreak of LifeStyle diseases , Poverty & Global Warming (Ysawon fe Al Ard Fasada...) Al Maida 64  
You are kindly requested to read about race relations , eradication of poverty ,LifeStyle Diseases & Global Warming in the Quran , (AL Bagara 57,61 , Almomtahina 3,8,9, AlHojorat 13 ,AlAaraf 12 , and many more
ICC attorney should  be rest assured  that President Bashir , whom I worked with as Economic Advisor from Feb 1999-to Jan 2000, (resigned my post ) is not a racist nor a caward killer . His first assistant Mr Mani is a Zagawa man and many more from Masaleet and Fur in top official posts were appointed by him
Beshir is a real Gentleman but at the same time he is a soldier who will fight MUTINY to death
just like US/UK/FRAnce  leaders 
No matter what these Zionist do Sudan will win and Darfur , within a United Sudan , will very soon be a key player to Save Life On Earth , because it is the Indigenous Home of Adam & Eve and MANNA , the Bread from Heaven as mentioned by the three Holy Books
Dr Isam Siddig
[email protected]


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