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Collective international efforts to end conflict in Darfur by Yassir Madani
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Sep 9, 2008 - 9:15:57 AM

Collective international efforts to end conflict in Darfur

Since Ocampo exploded the smoke bomb and demanded the ICC to issue an arrest warrant against President Al-Bashir and the rejection it found locally, regionally and internationally; Sudan witnessed marathon moves in several fronts to confront the ICC allegations.

That move was crowned by campaigning the AU, AL and several big powers to counter the indictment of the ICC.

The Tanzanian President, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete is currently on an official visit to the country for talks with President of the Republic, Omar Al-Bashir.
The Tanzanian President is wearing during this visit two hats one of the President of Tanzania and the other is in his capacity as the Chairman of the African Union.

The visit comes within the framework of the AU efforts to suspend the ICC request and to discuss the peace process in Darfur.
Kikwete, who is also the current chairman of the African Union, discussed with President Al-Bashir the deployment of the hybrid peacekeeping force.
Kikwete expressed his satisfaction over the Sudanese government commitment to protect the humanitarian convoys.

He called on the rebel movements to participate in the negotiations process pointing to the negative response of several concerned parties which he did not name.

The visit comes amid several active moves locally, regionally and internationally, as the country received several delegations on the same issue besides the big efforts to launch Sudan People Initiative to resolve the Darfur issue.

Another optimistic sign is the recommendations of the quartet summit which included France, Syria, Turkey and Qatar which affirmed support to Sudan's steps over Darfur.

France which has negative stances before over the ICC indictment, affirmed through its Foreign Minister Bernard Kushner, its keenness in supporting the Sudanese government steps aiming at achieving peace in Darfur.


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