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China efforts to restore peace in Darfur by Hassan Ali
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Sep 1, 2008 - 11:20:56 AM

China efforts to restore peace in Darfur

The several meetings conducted by the Chinese Special Envoy for         Peace in Sudan with the Sudanese officials affirmed without any doubt that China is keen to resolve the Darfur crisis within a political settlement.
The Chinese Envoy meeting with Presidential Advisor Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, and Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Mutrif Siddiq affirmed that his country is standing firmly against any irresponsible stance which might affect negatively the peace process in Sudan.

The visit came also to boost the cooperation between the two countries to confront the developments in the Sudanese arena especially in Darfur.
The visit comes following an internal movement resulting to creation of the Sudan People Initiative which has been launched by President of the Republic.
It also comes after the arrival of the joint mediator for Darfur Djibril Bassole the joint AU-UN Peace Envoy to assume his duties in Darfur.
This timing affirmed that the local, regional and international efforts are going forward to find a reasonable solution to the Darfur crisis away from the international intervention.

The Chinese diplomatís visit also affirmed that those who look for the peace in Darfur are those who are honest in their relations with Sudan. China did a lot against all the parties that hinder the peace process in Sudan in general and Darfur in particular.

We advise those who want peace to come according to their agendas to stop their malicious plans because peace will come through the good intention, the strong will and interest of the Sudanese nation and people, just like what China is doing now.

We welcome the Chinese Peace Envoy and praise his efforts wishing him every success in his endeavours to reach a peaceful solution to the Darfur issue.



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