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CPA Protection Responsibility of All National Forces by Omar Al Bushra
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Jun 23, 2008 - 9:03:22 AM

CPA Protection Responsibility of All National Forces

There is no question about the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) being owned by the entire Sudanese nation. The national Congress Party and SPLM have become the two major signatories of the agreement because NCP has been in power, while SPLM as the mainstream movement stood for South Sudan .

As a result, differences between these two major parties, if left uncontained, will affect the implementation of the agreement and hence jeopardizes the peace it has brought about. For this reason, the current dispute over the Abyei region should be seen as one that risks peace.
We do not want to go into details on why that dispute has erupted. What matters to us is the fact that the take-over of the Administration of the region by Edward Lino was an open violation of the peace agreement. As such, it amounts to a stark aggression on the Sudanese nation historical gain that cost heavy losses on both sides.

The current situation should therefore be seen by all national political forces as a violation of the peace agreement.

This is in fact no reason why other forces remain silent as if the disputed issue is the concern of NCP and SPLM only.

It was expected that national forces would add their voices to those who have openly condemned Lino's move. Not only that, national forces should have voiced their uncompromised position, rejecting that move as a threat to CPA.

We understand that some foreign parties are lurking in the shadows to flare conflict among Sudanese. These parties could capitalize on the silence of national forces on the current development in Abyei to go ahead with their plotting. We, therefore, call on all national forces to loudly condemn attempts to use Abyei as a spring board to undermine peace in Sudan . We hope that our political leaders would have come to realize that Lino is implementing an agenda that would set the situation ablaze if not contained now.



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