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Every morning I learn skills as a regular commuter to our line which links the city center to one of our universities. Many lessons got quite clear to me:

Never lag around by the door, youd better   (haul) yourself quickly enough before you get crushed by the crowd , or worse , get pick-pocketed and lose your money and your mobile phone.

-when you see big plastic bags full of green vegetables heading for mini outskirts markets do not attempt to take this (hafla) because the owners of the bags and the boy will (seal) all the aisles and the possible (catwalks) by stuffing these bags in them making It impossible to leave the bus at your station.

     - Never enter into frcas with the conductor over the balance of a note you gave to him.

An old fellow passenger once told me about the saying that gose : to keep food safe from cats and dogs you have to have a sling that hangs food in the ceiling, so always keep the coins to avoid loosing the balance of larger notes.- working as a conductor has become one of the jobs young people find themselves In; with a daily pay of SD1500   the job attracts many school leavers together with students and graduates as well; and broad sector from other walks of life.

- comsary" some passengers shout out the word, others prefer to utter or hiss that silent whistle to attract his attention , or the drivers:

   Skilled comsaries also help the drive In cases of traffic jams by signaling through the window to halt the traffic at the rear.

- the artful driver fufils (all) the requirements of the traffic authorities, sometimes by using a loose seatbelt over his shoulders . Of course you know that a seatbelts of nowadays are something very loose and slack and far from safe.

 - A clever regular commuter of our city line once told   me that he never carries any valuables in the bus , the showed me an old fashioned mobile phone which he sometimes uses as an Item to book his seat with , he just places the mobile.

- Once I heard a comsary addressing a packed bus , the hot tempered boy cursed: (may my money turn into pain for all you)

Nobody attempted to say anything , when one of them was trying to get down at his station the boy muttered :

(Show us the bridth of your shoulders) which could mean the harsh

 expression of (GET LOST)


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