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Bravo” Toyota 4X4 you reached “Trap” Khartoum by Hatim El-Madani*
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May 14, 2008 - 7:51:48 PM

“truffatore’s” vis-a-vis and “Fanatics”

“Bravo” Toyota 4X4 you reached “Trap” Khartoum

Pathetic savages, the return to “Kabul Taliban era”, or   “Sudan Somalization mirror2” ,… in facts ones run out of words to describe the despicable planned, staged and executed chaos happening right now allover Sudan or the aftermath of the ethnic mobbing before the world eyes. With especial thanks to the all the “R’s” of evil’s as the honour of once a peacefully nation had been besmirched yet again.

Of course any civilize human watched   the beheaded bodies  “Al-Qaida style” of the supposedly POW paraded shamelessly on camera,   where some are clearly showing signs of that they are been tied up before the savage acts, may ask what kind of human those hysterical followers of the régime are, or you may also wonder about the simplicity of minds or the level of ignorance of those participant in this so called dumbest  lightning-struck move Column, and apply this to the many wasted young recruits in the wars in Darfur   or in fact on any other “teddy bear knife wielding ” protester  or suicidal pacts participants in our part of the  worlds, how they  let themselves brained-washed or  led to such missions by the kinds of people they supposedly enlightening  them.? The answer simply apart of being misinformed deliberately and tricked, lay deep in the unavoidable question that the whole world found it too sensitive to be tackled or be confronted!?. and yes here are the true answer whether in Darfur war or in the manipulated  many Jihadis’ wars . one have to understand; some of these Islamist they deliberately use part of the faith that contains a latent fanaticism. which, when aroused by some of their “oil for Fatwa” men’s   with special gifts of striking a chord in the mind? of their  listeners, can impel its believers into concerted action of a most violent and self-sacrificing nature, no matter how impoverished mentally and physically, they may have been.previously; indeed the more impoverished they are, the more susceptible they become to promises of salvation.

 This time as many quickly reminded of the same trick in luring innocents Darfuri   to their death in the known “trap Khartoum” .where  this trick was pulled by the same elements in the government now not Mr “Mahadi Abu-Kalam”, and that they did pulled it before in 6 July 1976 when they were fighting Numairi before they joined in his regime and turned it to an Islamic fanatics one and since they tend to do it and get scot free from any blame  the “Houdini way” this always the case when their end become nearer either to   hide or survive possible regime change and if.. to resurrects with a laminated new party name..And guess the Sudanese or the world none the wiser.

Although I’m going to leave aside the doubt about the Islamist Khalil Ibrahim the founder and creator of the Janjweeds and his JEM’s faction in regards to contacts arrangements and his final solution-negotiations with his clans in the Chadian’s oil dealers   régime or the NIF’ers   and this not unfounded despite all the “ha ha for nothing” media proclamations’..if he ever live to learn from this or figure- out how he has been tricked. But let that unfold by itself.

Now for the so called expertise who are trying to workout the time needed to reach Khartoum bearing in mind the distance from the Chadians borders to Omdurman is not less than 600 miles, clear desert no heavy shrubs no bushes to hide a columns of over more than a hundred  all-terrain with field artillery-guns mounted 4X4 Toyota Land Cruisers trucks, driving unobstructed through an area manned by 6000 UNAMID forces ,Janjaweed, SLM  -against or pro government, forget about the millions inhabitants and the not worth mentioning  the Sudanese Army and  what I can’t help not to mention the “unmanned airplanes”??.etc..and no plan of supply or retreat root? if there is one? part of the waiting sleepers cells far north!.

And   there is no element of surprise here(Ahh..there is one is  Mr El-Faki from the stock-market  taking time off from negotiating the sell of Sudan feature resources  shares to tell us they controlled the three bridges ...opps!! that was in 89 now there are more than three and a generation of brained washed fanatics)and  it was as earlier as two days after   the showcase chosen start date  was officially announced! When the government openly said they are aware of the “fooled” and “tricked” Column’s, and they are aware of their whereabouts’ and we are aware of Al-Bashir secret deal  that day in Mecca ? “his next destination choice of refuge in the like of Aidi Amin and others”.

So..over to the JEM’s now, thanks to them the situation in Darfur had been misrepresented, and   that there was insufficient justification for   such other than been seen as instrument to outsiders or obeying  the advocate of the racial, religious divide inciters, especially from those Sudan expertise who always rush to express opinion and analysis , who were perhaps in some degree wanting in imagination and elasticity of mind. I don’t think any of them could transport themselves in sprit from London to Paris and Darfur never mind to Om-dur-aman. Where for the last twenty  years most of the argument which they applied against the régime appear to me  rather of those debaters and ”truffatore” trained in the art of dialectics whose reason and imagination dose not enable them to grasp in an instant the true situation of affairs in distant country widely differing from their own. ,so  frankly that in order for the Sudanese people to build up a coalition with which to defeat the Islamist they need to drop the JEM connections and its “black book” agendas’ cause simply we have too many books shelved for centuries from Sinnar to the Shullks Ruth, never mind waking up the lions of Apedemek ..Etc. so as to win the nation as whole and wean them from any ideas of adherence to the racial card that they are been gladly presented with, now.. ere “if the racial issue is to be tackled effectively as a priority for peace for our presents society it has to be addressed urgently by northerners to their own target communities” ,my straight advise for the JEM’s advocate in how to bounce back is  ‘shaking hands with the SLM all factions and the “young” from all over the  NDA will be good   idea to start with. but first upon you all if there is care left about Darfur people other than personal ambitions then to show up united in the proposed London last stop with firm democratic principle and believe that we all know the other side lack even with conditions, doing not  for the régime to reap from this set back will be an expensive mistake but taking the courage is for the world  to see and the Sudanese people to know there are commitment for peace too. to give Darfur forgotten real victims a chance of some security  they urgently needed now and hopefully justice and equality for all the Sudanese, its our duty all to spare the nation any bloodshed and to make  sure the real culprits  are not just kicked out in 2009 through the Ballots box, also they are made accountable for all these forty years before then.

Hatim El-Madani*

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