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Blairís Initiative by Alsharani A. Ali Senior Legal Advisor
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Sep 19, 2006 - 9:18:00 PM

Blairís Initiative


In the news, I come across an article that indicates an initiative proposed and offered by the president Tony Blair in an attempt to persuade or push Sudan Government to welcome the International Troops to deploy in Darfur Region for maintaining peace and security , paving the way for smooth humanitarian aids and helping in implementing DPA  , the said initiative includes: Normalization of relations with the leading international players, lifting of sanctions and helping in resolving Sudan international debits, So I would like to commend, comment and recommend on the above as follows: 

1-     Our country is really into a big dilemma, so any amicable and peaceful way out there from is a top national priority, so if such a chance appears, we should utilize and realize immediately and strongly.

2-     We know that , the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur is badly and adversely affected due to the dissatisfaction of certain armed factions with the DPA ( Darfur Peace Agreement ) , based on this reality , it would be better to use President Blair Initiative in this very critical time , not to accelerate the Sudan Government accepting the UN Forces deployment in Darfur , though it is very important to do so , but the priority as I see it now , is to use the said initiative to press towards ENHANCING the present DPA to reasonably accommodate the demands of the other armed factions according to a certain and definite road map that leads to and realizes the same .

3-     The costs and expenses that are going to be spent on the mobilization, equipping and deploying the UN Forces, are quite helpful if not quite enough to develop the whole Darfur Region, so this obviously and strongly justify this suggestion to be immediately adopted as first and preferred priority.

4-     I call upon all political, social and humanitarian organizations, locally, regionally and internationally to adopt this suggestion as first and preferred priority to resolve Darfur Crisis by pressing hardly and pushing aggressively towards its acceptance by the Sudan Government.

Alsharani A. Ali

Senior Legal Advisor

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   


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