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Averting Rainy Season Hazards by Salma Tagani
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Jul 5, 2008 - 4:14:16 PM

Averting Rainy Season Hazards

It is believed that this year the rainy season would come ealier. It is also expected that there will be heavy rainfull. Under the circumstances, the situation requires taking immediate measures so that rainfall would not take citizens off-guard as was the case in the past.

We have seen how some parts of the country were exposed to floods that caused a lot of damage, particularly in regions where rivers used to flood. As a result, the local authorities should plan as of now how to contain floods.

The authorities should elicit popular support to block floods from resulting in the destruction of citizens' property.

In urban areas, the authorities are required to counter-act the effects of rain.
In the national capital in particular, the drainage of rain-water is badly needed to prevent the formation of water pools.

It is needless to say that these water pools obstruct traffic and breed malaria-carrier mosquitos. Ironically, such pools sometimes stay un-drained in places in the heart of the city. Where drainage systems do not exist, the municipalities in the three twons can do that through flashing these pools.

Needless to say that malaria infection increases during the rainy season, other diseases are also attracted during the same season such as typhoid and diarrhea.
It is hoped that the authorities will have learnt the lessons from previous years. The golden rule of prevention is better than remedy, should be the watchword of the authorities concerned.



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