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Ashraf Qazi A symbol for the success of the American Psychological Terror by By: Qutbai Almahdi
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Sep 24, 2008 - 9:18:35 AM

Ashraf Qazi A symbol for the success of the American Psychological Terror


By: Qutbai Almahdi


Translated by: Abd Algadir Hassan Habeeb


It seems that the American psychological tactics were successful at last with UN representative in Sudan Mr. Ashraf Qazi.

Mr. Ashraf Qazi continued doing his duties and responsibilities professionally and in impartiality not practiced by the employees of the new international imperial system that are appointed in Sudan.

The American administration were critically flowing the performance of Mr. Ashraf Qazi who never condemned Sudan since he took the post up to the time of the incidents in Abyie. However the American administration patience came to an end and they exploded angrily at Mr. Ashraf Qazi face.

 The American administration criticised Mr. Ashraf Qazi for not providing support for SPLA the matter that gives hints he is involved with Sudan government. Mr. Ashraf Qazi was surprised form the attack and defended himself. He informed the American administration that he is only observer and can support no part.

 However Mr. Ashraf Qazi started to think about his future and his reputation in the international community.

The UN representative in Sudan Mr. Ashraf Qazi responded to the American psychological terror immediately after the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) attack on Omdurman and the trails followed that. Mr. Ashraf Qazi criticised the trials and described them as unjust. He thought he pleased the American administration by that and waited for another chance to gain more acceptances.

Therefore Mr. Ashraf Qazi surprised the observers by calling for postponing the general elections in Sudan and he defined a new date for that without being asked to do so. Mr. Ashraf Qazi thought when he took his mission that he will be away from any influence and he thought that he has a real role to play.

 Unfortunately Mr. Ashraf Qazi soon discovered that his thoughts of morals and values were merely dreams. The case of Mr. Ashraf Qazi clearly shows the victory of the American psychotical terror over morals, wisdom, professionalism and values.



published in Alintibaha newspaper   the number of Wednesday September 24, 2008


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