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Ali Atabani and the techniques of false writing /John Manyiel
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May 21, 2006 - 5:29:00 AM

Ali Atabani and the techniques of false writing 



It is completely proofing that your argument is very empty and lack truth in it contents. You have used a lot of deception techniques mix with truth about the history of religions and Sudan. Trying to detached the African identity from its meaning and devalue the Southern culturally. This is also a clear view of not accepting other culture than the superior. The dominant culture ideas can’t be apply to the situation of Sudan. The denial of identity is the sources of all problems since the establishment of the Sudanese government. Do you know why Almahdia did not root in the South? Do you have any idea why the Southern Sudanese still keeping their culture up to the moment inside Khartoum? I am not sure where you stand or what is your motive behind the article in the Alraaam daily newspaper which is still posting originally in Arabic deceiving people through your articles over and over.  The deception and faking the truth of ethnicity is indeed a great proof of denying rights of individual and it is lacks its scientific methodology and term you have used to degrade you opponent, Rather than focus on debating. A writer like you should be very careful in detailing and digging into the history with caution, but not insulting another because you have been insult. You have lack the study of anthropology which explain



“Anthropology is classification and analysis of humans and their society, descriptively, culturally, historically, and physically. Its unique contribution to studying the bonds of human social relations has been the distinctive concept of culture. It has also differed from other sciences concerned with human social behavior (especially sociology) in its emphasis on data from nonliterate peoples and archaeological exploration. Emerging as an independent science in the mid-19th cent., anthropology was associated from the beginning with various other emergent sciences, notably biology, geology, linguistics, psychology, and archaeology. Its development is also linked with the philosophical speculations of the Enlightenment about the origins of human society and the sources of myth. A unifying science, anthropology has not lost its connections with any of these branches, but has incorporated all or part of them and often employs their techniques.Anthropology is divided primarily into physical anthropology and cultural anthropology”  From the http://www.



            So, the Christian or who ever you think.  When they came to South Sudan they have respected people culture, so they well documented and now many can have access to it. What have you done in the north since the independent except torturing people and killing them and being busy all nights planning to rape another village? 

language and you know that very well, even in the North Country there are tribe speaks theirs own language.  Imposing culture in your prospective can be ignoring and damaging for diversity. Favoring culture against culture or promoting hate within your community through your writing will not change the truth and the strength of your opponent, but it will indeed create the act of violence. The smart writer is one lay the truth and talk about the facts even though it is hard to accept.  The smart writers who are one know how to convey and build relationship with his opponent through the readers. Any smart readers will spent time to digest you argument will indeed throw out before it even reach their conscious mind.

 I have realize from your writing that either you know the truth and you hate so much and you to cover it or you just try to defend what can not be defend.

South Sudan is rich with culture and tradition that why Islam did not have great impact to change it. After the colonial you promoter fail to implement the Islamic law or Arab culture in the South of Sudan. Who is the ruling Sudan since the 1956? You have use all of you power to change the demographics of the Sudan but the history proof that it can’t be change. Your government and your supporter have tried the massacre in every corner of Sudan, but also failed. The conflict of ethnicity in Darfur is generating a very dirty image of people like you. You can not impose Arab culture in Sudan by writing I guess you need to look in a different subject to write than deception.  

The coming of English to south Sudan helps to promote the language script. What have you done there in the south scientifically or economically rather than destroying the basis of life. Who were promoting the idea of hates and burn ecological nature in south? Who were raping southern Sudanese girl in the south? Question need to consider when you are writing. 



John Manyiel

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