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Al Salikeen Earmarks 1.2 Billion Pounds for Service Schemes by Al Sammani Awadallah
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Apr 8, 2007 - 8:59:14 PM

Al Salikeen Earmarks 1.2 Billion Pounds for Service Schemes

By: Al Sammani Awadallah
Al Salikeen Charity Organization,  Khartoum North Commission and 10 villages of Khartoum North  Locality  signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the construction  of 10 mosques within the Locality at  the cost of  700 million Sudanese Pounds. The projectís 3-months Execution program would start this April.
The General Secretary, Osman Abdel Gadir Al Fadni signed on behalf of the Organization while Jodatallaha Osman signed on behalf of the Locality.
Al Fadni said that work has started in four areas, namely, Awlad Haseep, Hawawheet , Etaifa, Hikairya and Awlad Toum villages.
He further stated the his Organization signed two other MoUs for service schemes with White Nile and Gezira States for  three and two billion Sudanese Pounds respectively.
He added that the Organizationís Plan for 2007 was embarking on securing additional 20 million Sudanese Pounds to fund similar projects in other eight States. According to him, the Organization erected 20 mosques in Sennar State through contributions of domestic and foreign charity organizations.
The General Secretary was quoted as saying that his Organization was coordinating with the National Statistics Fund to conduct a countrywide survey on the basic services lacking in the different Sudanese States as a prelude for designing a strategic plan for the provision of these services.
In a similar context, Al Fadni disclosed during Al Mulid Al-Nabawi Al-Sherrif festivals and the Arab Orphan Eid Festivals occasions that they inaugurated a medical, nutritional and religious services caravan that cost 500 million Sudanese Pounds. The caravan launching was under the auspices of the Presidential Advisor, Dr. Majzoub Al Khalifa and with the contribution of Al-Zakat General Secretariat, Grains Buffer stock Department and the Bahraini Islamic Society. The Caravan targeted White Nile, Gezira, and River Nile States, besides, the peripheries of Khartoum State.
Al Salikeen Charity Organization constructed 893 mosques countrywide. Moreover, by end of 2007, it will have been sponsored 300 orphans.
The Organization General Secretary concluded by stating that in addition to its 8  regional sub-offices,  his organization plans to establish two extra ones in Gedarif and Blue Nile States.

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