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Abyei Protocol. by Mayen. D. Ater
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Jul 20, 2007 - 7:36:36 PM

Subject: Contributions to South Sudan Affairs.


                           Topic: Abyei Protocol.




            This Area has been given its own status as a result of tough negotiation between SPLM/A Former Leader: Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior and NCP Representative Ali Othman Taha. It was known by all of us that Jallaba was not convinced that Abyei should have its own Status or Protocol. But, there was a big break through for Abyei to achieved special Protocol via a former US President George W. Bush Special Envoy to negotiation. Namely: John Danforth who gave the suggestion about the Area itself, tribe inhabiting it and distribution of the Petrol or oil that is found in the Area in percentages to various states, tribes and governments. As full details are found in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Text Book. All what were agreed upon the Protocol by the two Parties and were witnessed by many Nations and NGOS are what the two Parties have been trying to resolved and put them into realty. But, our partner NCP as shown by many sittings is trying to Watergate the implementation of the Protocol of Abyei. This gives me wonder, sometimes and accused the International Monitors as not doing their work in which they were mandated for. Because the Comphrensive Peace Agreement Text Book has mentioned that the role of International Monitors is that the CPA is implemented. So, I do not know if they are blind and can not see what the NCP is doing or deaf and can not hear what NCP is doing. Any way, I can accuse them to have failed on their mission they were mandated for.

               Now coming to what could be the solutions of Abyei Protocol after the NCP has refused. SPLM as a Party could be mandated by its Government. I .e

Government of South Sudan (GOSS) should decree unilaterally the Administration of abyei.

            But, to follow this procedure, the President of the Government of South Sudan should send his special Envoy to: IGAD Organization, Arab League, African Union, EU, UN and partners to the Peace negotiation like: USA, UK, Italy, Norway South Africa, France and neighbor countries. Talking them that, NCP has made the first violation to the CPA to refuse implementation of Abyei Protocol in term of ABC and its Administration. But, nobody among you that has interfered and adverse NCP to stop its bad games towards the CPA. And now, I am going to make second violation to form the Administration of Abyei from the demarcated border by the Experts. Then, after one week of the coming of Envoy from his mission. The President of the Government of South Sudan should give the decree to the appointment of Abyei Governor. And all the south people should have stand by with our army and who ever is carrying guns.

To me, this is how the issue of Abyei could be treated. It could be up to the International Community then to judged as to who is guilty.

     Another suggestion is like as spoke out by SPLM Secretary General Mr. Pagan Amum last week that the case of Abyei Protocol could be referred to the USA . We as South Sudan people have appreciated the idea and asked our southern leaders not to decline from that position and should hurry up to the United States of America with in few days. Because it is known by us all that without Administration we can not achieve our Goals of census and Referendum.

It is also known that Secretary General Statements could be from the words of our President of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS).President Salva Kiir Mayardit and the should honored by the south community. President Kiir is

   the true person whom Late Dr. John Garang De Mabior has Heritage the SPLM/A strategy and vision of marginalization who died by Helicopter crash at New side on the 30th  after staying in the office for three weeks only. Then President Salva Kiir took the Chairmanship, not by force but by his hierarchy.

He is the man known by all his colleagues and officers to have never corrupt whether materially nor position ally for two decades of struggle to liberate marginalized the Sudanese people. He was number four in the formation of High Command until he has become number one and President of the Government of the South Sudan as now. All of us are proud of him as marginalized people.

   He was sworn in as first Vice President of the Republic of  Sudan in the Government of National Unity in the North and President of the Government of South Sudan in the south. He will make two years in the office by coming August since he was sworn in and he is successful. Long life President Kiir, Long life SPLM, Long life the Government of Southern Sudan , Long life all the people of South Sudan .





 Mayen. D. Ater                                      

       Author of this article is base in Abyei he is reach at [email protected]:com

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