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A brighter future for the Nuba Mountains/by Nuba Mountains Democratic Forum/Nour Tawir
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Feb 16, 2007 - 9:02:08 PM

In response to an article by Mr. Mack Awer Riak  purtained to the last declaration published  on the Nuba Democratic Forum, it is important to bring the following to the attention of the Sudanese peoples:
1_ It was very clear that Mr. Riak neither read the article nor comprehended what  was it  about.
2_ The issue  is purely Nuba Mountains Peoples concern ,and there was no point for the guy to put his nose where it does not belong.
3_ If Mr. Riak is from Abey region then he knows clearly that  Abey is geographically and administratively part and parcel of the Nuba Mountains,which was taken by spla  in return for the whole region given up to Inghaz.
4_The Forum is calling for co-existence because the  non-nuba have been there for over thousands of years and they are Sudanese citizens and nobody has the right to kick them out.
5_The fact that  the non-nuba  in the region fought against the nuba with the nothern governments does not mean that the punsihment should be by ethnicity and not by crime.
6_ The Nuba fought with spla/m for alomost quarter of a century, what was the result?
We were equally betrayed and handed over to the enemy.
7_ Who gave the right to the southerners to interfere with the Nuba Affairs?
Is it because we have fought with them.?
8_ Mr. Riak brought up the seperation of the south clearly, and thank him for that, but why is the extention of spla/m in the north?
What for?
9_spla/m presented itself as a movement of unity, and thus  recruiting notherners to work with the Armaan,Mansour Khalid...etc
What was the point if the mistrust is clear and evident and irreperable?
We the Nuba Peolpes have been  subjected to God knows types of atrocities throughpout history,where were our beloved southern brothers and sisters?
On the contrary,what we are hearing over and over is that the Nuba fought against the southerners, and this explains why the Nuba have been used and abused in their fight becides the southerners.
We do not need Mr. Riak or anybody to tell us what to do and what not to do.
You are seperating and building your own country.
Why dealing with the Nuba Mountains as your own property?
Well, it is not.
Mr. Riak and his like are to put their noses  where they belong.
And stop worrying about us.
We don't need that.

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