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300 South Sudanese Students in Various Egyptian universities by Akot Marial
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Nov 1, 2008 - 8:05:02 PM

There has been a great conern by the 300 South Sudanese Students in Various Egyptian universities and Higher Intitutes over GOSS & GONU Visiting Miniters to Egypt and the Middle East.

Although these ministers visits are more of government missions which in one way or the other deter them from meeting with the 300 South Sudanese students on government scholarship to Egypt and probably enlighten them of what is going on in both GOSS & GONU on what ought to be done as the nation prepares for the first ever democratic eletion schedule next year where the race for State House would be between Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the ruling national Congress party (NCP) candidates.whatever the bell tolls,the sucess and failure of the next election whether to or not to bring forth change lie with the masses of the Sudan.As thousand miles begin with one steps, we expect our leaders in the government of South Sudan (GOSS)to make use of this available time to eligthen the masses both at home and when visiting the Diaspora of the general election but our leaders seems to be more absorbed by tribal mentality then working toward
 realization for the cause of South Sudan struggles.

To prove my point have a look at the following scenarios.

on 12 Oct, 2008 GOSS Information Minister Gabriel Changson arrived to Egyptian capital Cairo for talks with his Egyptian counterpart on cooperation between the two ministeries,where the Egyptian government agreed to provide technical assistance, train South Sudan cadres in Television and Radio, installation of Fm Radio to connect the ten States of South Sudan and exchange program between the two ministeries.of which this sound fruitful and sucess in Changson's visit but was tempted by tribal syndrome to call for 'only Nuer students meeting'again GOSS Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Comrade Samson Kwaje during his three day visit to Egypt to attend Nile Valley Conference where Egyptian government pledged to establish a Research centre in Juba to support South Sudan in the field of Agriculture.Mr Kwaje again concluded his visit yesterday by holding a meeting with only students of Greater Equatoria at Ain Shams.Government of National Unity (GONU)
 Minister of Foreign Affairs is not exceptional jet in last night Mr.Deng Alor Kuol of which the issue surrounding his visit is not yet known but it seems something is itching the Foreign Minister who upto now as iam typing this article he is and still in a close door meeting with only the people of Abyei at the GOSS Consulate in Cairo where non Abyei members are turn away and those intruders who sneak into the trans-night meeting or being smuggle in by their friends from Abyei were traced by chiefs who are well convarsed with Abyei Citizenry in Egypt and told to leave the meeting by the security personnel before the big man could clear his throat and declare the gathering opens.some of us in the diaspora wonders and guessing may be something is wrong somewhere if not then these whole Ministers and national figures shouldn't have been tempted to behave this way and to hold such segregative meetings with their kinsmen or has they become tribal leaders?
 who knows the next time Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit would be here and annouce for a No Entry! meeting, but only to 'greater Geogrial Community' which would be a bunch of rebbish and an exceptional otherwise the future  of South Sudan is doom if our leaders don't refrain from backbitting the very Unity and  vision of the people of New Sudan through tribalism, nepotism,corruption and breeding hatred amongst the tribes of South Sudan unless we intends to disintegragtes.

Akot Marial
Cairo University.
Akot is unddergradute student of Economics and Political Science, he can be reach on [email protected]       


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