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Big Fools by mack awer from cairo

3/7/2006 3:33 pm

it is a shameful move for the sudanese government of the NCP and all northerners to oppose the deployment of foreign troops to contain the their onslaught of blacks in Darfur region. All northerners are big fools who have failed sudan since independence with their mismanagement and bad governance of the country. what have you achieved for these fifty years, but only killing and trying to islamize the indigenous sudanese of which you have succeeded in the west,east, and central sudan and failed to do so in the south, a failure which prompted to wage 38 years war. do you think that you will go unpunished for the atrocities you committed in the past and at the moment? the indigenous people, owners of THE SUDAN have have woke up for you. they are now educated and have known how to claim rights and ownership. i advise you not press on with your oppressive attitudes on Darfurians as you have done in the SOUTH. allow western troops to saveguard the security and stability in Darfur and for peace be negotiated. do not, you Northerners see yourselves that SUDAN is yours and act on behalf of all Sudanese as decision makers. your decisions have caused the people precious lives since 1951, but you have not come to your senses and explore your grave mistakes and atrocities. every sudan have right to speak up on matters that concern the state and not you only who always allege that Darfur will be a grave yard for foreign forces that dare enter it while is already a grave yard for the citizen that the Western forces wants to save from you.

You Arabs, i'm sorry even to call you ARABS because you are not ARABS, YOU ARE COLORED because you came to Sudan as salt traders without YOUR FEMALES and then got married to INDIGENOUS DAUGHTERS of NUBIANS and DARFURIANS whom you are massacring. you are our nieces and nephews, better you respect us people. the move to oppose UN and Western troops in Darfur should not only be opposed by you, but collectively, all sudanese walk of life are obliged to. it is a hope of every human being in the world nowadays to see peace keeping forces in Darfur because GENOCIDE and ETHNIC CLEANSING is taking place there.
why is the NCP government is refusing to see foreeign forces in Darfur? what is the Secret of Darfur war? why is JANJAWEED, former MARALIN in Southern Sudan took its war to Darfur? who armed them? why not NCP army is not figting JANJAWEED as well as is doing with SLA/M and JEM? the army troops fighting in Darfur does not reflect all Sudanese as it was in the SOUTH, but all are COLORED army of NCP of UOMAR EL BASHWOU.

all the students who went to the street to protest against the deployment of UN force are big fools who donot distinguish between who is the OCCUPIER and SAVIOUR. Nothern thinking must change for the OWNERS of the SUDAN have WAKE UP from SLEEP otherwise Sudan will not contain us all for the coming 5 to 10 years. when the indigenous from the west, south, east and central unite you will run back to Jazeera el Arabia with faeces in your bottocks and i think no one will welcome you for you are murders and thieves who left because of your criminality since four hundred years ago and came to Sudan selling salt and Jalaleeb for your survival and the INDIGENOUS welcomed and later on turned on them because they suspected you were criminals and land grabers.

the secret of your murderous war in Darfur will unfold, and NCP must be punished from top to bottom, looters and killers of black people. the innocent blood will not just be absorbed without avenging itself on those who shed it.

i am of the indigenous Sudanese, a pure who strongly support and call and want UN and NATO forces in Darfur, Esatern Sudan and for the South-we are strong as you know that yourselves.

mack awer from cairo

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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