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An open letter to the Janjaweed Field Marshal Omar Al-Bashir By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA)

3/4/2006 10:58 am

March 4, 2006

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
First of all, Id like to tell that I cant refer to you as His Excellency, because you hijacked the power by the force of guns. Moreover, you have committed numerous atrocities since 1989, and the worst of them is the going on genocide in Darfur. Therefore, you dont deserve any kind of respect. You should be referred as genocidal or criminal dictator.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
Your regime and you are well-known by your hypocritical attitudes: In 1999 your former party, the National Islamic Front (N.I.F) splited in two branches: your current party, the National Congress Party (N.C.P) and your masters party, the Popular Congress Party (P.C.P), by the way, why you didnt include the adjective Islamic in your new partys name? Obviously, because you used it in the past as slogan, but now is no longer attractive for you. In reality, Dr. Turabi and you have the same ideology, however, you fought each other just for the powers chair. And your followers obeyed the ethno-magnetic orientation of their hearts to choose either the NCP or PCP:

Some northeners joined your party even though they were very loyal to Dr. Turabi. At least, in apperance; such as Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismael (the former Foreign Minister) he was known by his loyality to Turabi, but he changed his mind and joined your N.I.Fs branch as many others northerners, specially, those who belong to your tribe. And the viceversa, the westerners (none arabic followers from Darfur) joined Dr. Turabis N.I.F branch. Rumors said that Dr. Turabi belong to a none arabic tribe. For all these reasons you should take off the mask of religion and dont hide your awful face behind the Islamic faith. You are not a religious man, you are a religion merchant!!, you use it as slogan to achieve personal objectives and protect your power the longest time possible.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
You are very brave: in the secound gulf war, in 1992, you publically supported Sadam Hussien when he invaded Kuwait, but you shut your mouth like a hen when Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other nations supported the US and fought shoulder by shoulder with their soldiers to librate Kuwait. So, why you didnt critize Egypt and Arabia Saud for joining the Americans against your friend Sadam? I think you only got courage to bomb and kill women and children in Darfur using Antonov planes, but you are so coward to fight those who invaded our territory.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
Curiously, in the same year, in 1992, Egypt participated to librate Kuwait from Sadam, but invaded our territory: expelled a Canadian oil company from Halaib Triangle and occupied it till now, even though the Canadian company got concession and permission from your government to explore oil there. Since then, all you did was keeping a shameful silent like a HEN!!! But the most outrageous is your attitude towards Egypt and your master Husni Mubarak: you never! blame them, even when their forces killed almost thirty Sudanese asylum seekers in Cairo, last year. Moreover, your regime understood and justified the excesive use of force against them. Are you really loyal to our nation? Maybe, you have got an egyptian nationality like the former dictator Nimeri. Im sure you didnt drop any tears nor had any compasion for their tragic death. But if your master Husni Mbark had died, then you would weep in public like a women!!, the same as Nimeri did when his master Jamal Abdel Nassir died.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
In 2003, Egypt and Saudi Arabia didnt join the American forces to topple Sadams regime, however, you started cooperating with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), since you were frightened to loose the power and suffer the same humilliation like your friend Sadam. The following reports demonstrate clearly your cowardice and your hypocrisy:

Los Angeles Times has reported: Sudans secret police had began to crack down on suspected Islamists, had shared evidence with the FBI and allowed US personnel to interrogate al-Qaida suspects. Moreover, officials in Washington said Khartoum is probably the only government in the Arab League that has contributed in major way to the protection of US forces and citizens in Iraq and AL-INTIKAS Intelligence chief, Salah Abdallah Gosh has visited Washington recently, why? Did he go on vacation?

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
You are so talkative and always shout very loud in order to encouarage your followers, but you talk nonsense; because you defy the Americans, the AU and the Internacional comunity in public, but under the table your attitudes towards them is quite different: for instance, you didnt allow the Danish Defence Minister to enter our country due to the insulting cartoons against the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him ), but shamefully you (your regime) go to Oslo to beg JAM, (money from donors countries), western countries, including the USA. However, hypocritically and shamelessly call for Jihad against them, so as to protect your regime with such slogan. In reality, you are beging money from their citizens, since western governments receive money through taxes, they almost havent public sectors. So, hypocrite and fake genocidal Omar Al-Bashir, is this money HALAL?

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
Regarding the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) Id like to assure to our people that you signed it due to the US pressure. But, your regime tells deceits and claimes victory even though you have been defeated and the SPLM/A got more than what it demanded at the begining of the war. But hypocritically you manipulated this fact and propagated a false triumph saying that the CPA was achieved thanks to the Sudanese effort without any exterior pressure. Instead of informing the citizens honestly and with transparency about the details of its clausses you wasted the public money and our time time in celebrations. But, suddenly, whilst you were happily dancing, as usual, Mr. Salva Kiir stopped the music furiously saying: enough!, Im fed up with your tricks!, where is the rest of our oil money? Why the Abyei issue is not yet solved? Why the borders between the north and the south is not yet determined?... and he added If you continue behaving this way, Ill not trust you and the majority of the southerners would choose separation as an option instead of union. Do you understand?

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
On April 2nd, 2005. You said: I swear thrice in the name of Almighty Allah that I shall never hand over any Sudanese national to a foreign court (You meant that youll never hand over any of your accomplices, the suspects of the Darfur atrocities to the International Criminal Court (ICC), even though The UN Security Council Resolution 1593 forces you to do so) fortunately, our people are not idiot, you cant deceive them anymore, since you have declared many red lines, but later you converted them into green lines, because, today there are thousands of international forces inside Sudan and in many cities: Kasala, Juba, Al-Ubeid, Nuba mountains and even in the capital Khartoum!! They entered the country because you paved them the way to do so. And regarding the UN Security Council Resolution 1593, someday, even yourself will face trail before the ICC, in-sha-allah.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
Id like to tell you that, on behalf of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA) I suggested the UN secretary General, Mr. Kofi Anan to move the international forces that have already come and stationed in the cities previously mentioned from their current location to Darfur, since the situation there is more dangerous for the CPA than Juba or any other city in the country.

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
You publicaly rejected the presence of the international forces in Darfur and said if the African Union (AU) want to leave they can leave, but we dont accept foreign forces there. This declaration demonstrates that you are not a politision; you just act as a bad militar man: giving orders and talk about fighting without analysing the consequences; you dont use your mind because you are so a stupid politision like Sadam Hussein. The Darfurs issue is no longer controled by your regime. So, you have no other choice than signing a peace agreement with the Darfurian rebels and disarm your Janjaweed militia or face the consequences: someday the international community will react so as to protect the indigenous darfurians from your Janjaweed militia and from your Janjaweed-pilots who use Antonov planes instead of camells to attack the civilian people, destroy their water resources and burn their huts with boms killing many innocents. Nevertheless, you are propagating fase information against the international forces and called for jihad, because you have realized that your time is over and your regime is finished!!

Genocidal Omar Al-Bashir:
If the African Union (AU) agrees to transfer its mission to the UN and the majority of the UN council members accept to do so, then you couldnt reject such resolution, obviously. There isnt any comarision between Darfur conflict and Iraq, because in this case the UN is the master of the situation and whole the human society are in favour of helping us, except your cousins, the Arab countries who never worried about your atrocities nor about our suffering, because we are not Arabic.

Now, you are defying the international community calling for jihad against the enemy of the nation and the religion and your accomplices who help you to kill almost 400.000 indigenous darfurians and made more than 3.000.000 people homeless are calling the citizens to convert all squares in the country into military training camps. You should learn from Sarajevo and Kosovo lessons, because the situation in Darfur is identical to them, otherwise, youll dig your tumb by your own hands !!!

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