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NATO in Darfur, Is there any Destructive Consequences? by Kamaldine Moustapha

3/3/2006 6:29 pm

Really this step has to take place since long time ago, as its well known that the African troops do not have ablity or know how to handle it the way it suppose to be, while the Sudanese government still continue in their process to kill and displace more innocent people, they do not respect either African union nor the UN at all. In addition I do not believe that sending NATO troops will cause a big crisis as per the UN general Secretor's repetitive in Sudan who claims such statement, I guess he is no longer representing the UN, I hope he does not , if not a Sudanese intelgancy yet, wish I am mistaken.....Telling him to not paying attention to Omer Bashir's stupid announcement which says that Darfur will be a big cemetery (graveyard) for UN troops, I think that this something ridicules and laughable really, we know who he is, and I would like to say IT IS (not he is) only a very tiny scraped radio that whenever you put it on just starts talking mindless .... and still saying to him the game will never ever be over soon, it’s a civilizational and historical issue by now that having a wide meaning……"Going back to the UN representative" saying to him just skip it to the second need to comment his speech because its good for nothing....full stop. The Sudanese government always threaten that they, really that is a big lie Omer Albashir does not know what to say , if you ask him where is his troops he does not have an answer, therefore I hope that the UN delegator never listen to his propaganda and lies.

I believe that it is a positive decision although it's too late but it could safe a lot of people live. I hope Darfurians people in every where (Nationwide) have to agree and support such a step by writing, sending their comments to the concerned divisions that handle such a vital decision urging them to go forward in processing it as soon as possible, ignoring any obstacles that used to be put by the Sudanese Gangs and its Partners. As African we know in general what is Africa and what type of governments we have got, also what kind of significant mismanagement and corruption that is going over there. Therefore since the beginning I do not trust that the African nations could run such big problem of Darfur to the a safe shore, due to many obstacles that would come across every now and then, and from many sides, regardless the capability of proving a neutral environment for negotiations. From this point of view I believe the involving of UN directly or using by NATO troops could be the suitable situation, if we put in consideration the above mentioned influences that used to affect any kind of justices (neutralization) in this stage especially, putting in consideration the nature of the region that has many interferences by the neighborhoods countries, besides the huge number of tribes that used to live in the area, really it’s a big job which needs a great readiness and capabilities, therefore since the beginning I doubted in such process, (Also we do not forget that the shortage of capabilities and financial resources for African Union as a corporation, that faces many problems by itself, so how it could help in handling such others problems) could be handled by African union al o lone, meanwhile am not saying the UN or even NATO could do it right way 100%, but at least safe many people lives and by cooperating with other parties there would be a fruitful results which could satisfy all of us.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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