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Not Ashamed! by

3/23/2006 3:11 pm

Every Southern Sudanese is surprised when hearing the self proclaimed leader, spokseman or chairman of the so calld SSUDA/SSDF, Mr. David Chand lashinng out against the SPLM/A, and GoSS. Mr. David, it is now clear that you are the only devil in the South's details by declaring the autonomy of Upper Nile from that of the Whole South. Anyway, I will not waste my time nalysing on your article, but should remind you that in any circumstances or whatsoever the situation demands, you are not capable to lead the Southern Sudanese, given your education and qualifications as you allege. Now you say your 1997 peace agreement with Khartoum was undermined by the SPLM/A, but you are ashamed to say your peace was illegitimate and irrelevant at that time because it came out of your defeat by the SPLA/M when your forces betrayed the "Struggle" in 1991.

How is it really come to negiotiate peace with an enemy in the same camp and that very enemy, too supports you militarily, logistically, morally and financially? You are a defeatist that the whole world has known, a man of dissension and schism that doesn't want others doing good for the people of the South. Your call is a result of jealousy because the SPLM/A has achieved its objecctives and aspirations of Southern Sudanese by presenting to them the CPA and when seeing yourself out of this successful political process, is trying to sabotage it. Whom is SSDF now represent? Should any political entity represent people while getting logistics from the enemy of the People? Your forces are now causing atroccities in Upper Nile state, killing civilians and looting their properties. They ambushed and killed SPLA soldiers in Kharsana in Abyei. The name SSDF is contradictory to its meaning as we see it now. There is no essence in it when its founders attack the people they claim to defend. Defend from Whom? Arabs? But no Arab is attacking and killing Southerners at the moment. Therefore, what is the political aim of the SSDF. Nothing can justify your existence when the whole is behind dsouthern Sudanese to make them free and respectable people and while you are tearing apart everything. I do beleive, no single minded and educated Nuer is supporting you and your gang associates. I will just remain in the USA, but will never set foot in Nuerland, leave the South.
General Paulino Matip was with the enemy, but he never forgot Southerners in his heart and that became obvious when he joint GoSS. Other Nuer military, civil leaders and intellectuals have the same characters and vision because the love of their people and country of the South Sudan is in their hearts. I think Mr. Dchand your are not ashamed of your past. Your past and present regarding the freedom struggle for the South dirty and be adviced that died in opposition.

Mack Awer- Cairo. Reach me at [email protected]

You boast of Nuer of being strong, educated and rich people, why then not use all these splendid qualities for the progress and benefits for Southern Sudanese instead of being used as proxies by the Khartoum regime. That is not objective or a vision of all Nuer communities, but a Defeatist individual like of yours. Nuer people have been advocates of every good for Southern Sudanese since independence till now, but at the momment Mr.Professor, people must not use any given community for poltical defeat and use them achieves what suits him. Come out with your political agenda and visions for all South Sudanese and not Nuer.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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