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a message worth to be read by Ms Sarah Issa

1/7/2006 6:33 pm

This message come to me by emails.. from a person assumed to be sudanese ..since he had odd stand of what happnesed in Cairo Manslaughters , Therefore, i made a reply beside attaching his orignal message for the sake of making the reader owns the truths.

Thank you a lot for your writing to me and on behalf of my people I am accepting your mourns and grieves for those who felled dead on sad Friday. I see your analysis to this crisis and I understand your look to this problem despite its contradiction with the current facts, but since you wrote to me this long and plain text message I can put I’s on Dot’s and get a good feed back about the background of the person who did write this message to me . Your view is very clear when you have acquitted your government from the crimes and the abuses, which become now the " stir " of the world and not presumptions.
Either, you see Sudan is heaven and you invite me to join it and you give me some choices. El haj yousif or Ummbada.I think I am Sudanese and I have a free choice to live where I like. But believe me I live in many parts of the. Sudan. I belong to any place suffer from marginalization. Any place you will find a child gets dead because of lack of milk.or any place in the sudan women get dead at pregnancy becuase of missing of well medical treatment. Any place pupils abandon school because of excessive tuition, from side, I invite you to join our people in " Kalma " or " Taweela" or " abu shuk" I am sure you will be surprised and your fantasy look to what is called heaven Sudan is just illusory.
I live in Khartoum but I have seen castles decorated by " holly words " and on the opposite in the Khartoum suburbs you can see a poverty walking without crutch and sacking our people in misery and frustration . Yes I see hotels and tourists parks and nice cafeterias. But those are " window dresses " which are hiding a big society suffers from two splits. Poverty and rich and deep conflict of social classes . you can go to Subba or Angaloa or Dar El slam Ummbadah .. You will see a new world .. And you will see the evidence how your nasty government had slaughtered our people.
About your worry why those young men who led the protests in Egypt not joining the struggle movement to knock down the goverment. This proposal should be overlooked . I think this day will not be so long until you see your government become down and sent back to the trash of history. But we have patience and predetermination. Noted that most of the people camped in Cairo are old men, women and children. I will be grateful if you read the victims list again and again.
Moreover, I salute your support to the Egyptian security forces which make me gather doubts if your are really Sudanese guy . So why you can not walk out and throw them with rises and roses.
Regarding the southerners attack to majestic Arabs on black Monday as your people describing this disaster, it cannot be compared with the bloody retaliation on the black Tuesday. Some southerners were tied and thrown on the river Nile. Some old women were murdered by to be burnt alive. Forget all those horrible matters. Did you what your Mujahdeen do in southern Sudan.for your memory sake they were doing mass killing and engraving our poor people in that spot of earth. I will reactivate your weak memory again. What the holly bombardments did in Darfur . they are just . Burning villages, raping women, and destroying the peaceful environment. What happened in black Monday as you said multiply it by 1000 to know the outcome of what really happened in Darfur and southern Sudan?
Whatever. I should thank you again because you spell things out in the right tune and this made initiate the attempt of replying to you

Absa Sabsa wrote:
Ms Sarah Issa,


I am following your writings about the refugees’ ordeal in Egypt. I am really deeply sad that so many innocent lives had to be lost unnecessarily. However, I add my voice to the voices of many Sudanese who believe that the responsibility of the sad event must be shared by the refugees themselves, the UNHCR and the Egyptian government. The refugees are to be blamed because they left their country on their accord and without any harassment from the Sudanese government as widely alleged. These people used to live in Khartoum and other town peacefully and with all the right that are enjoyed by other Sudanese citizens. They were working, living, attending schools and walking in the street freely. However, out of greed and with an opportunistic intend to benefit from the crisis in Darfur, they decided to stab their country in the back by claiming that they were harassed by the government. And the result is that they went to Egypt only to discover that they were cheated and some of them were obliged, unfortunately, to become beggars and prostitutes in order to secure their daily necessities. What would have happened to those people if they stayed in El-Haj Yousif, Ombadda or Zagalona and struggled against the government peacefully? Why the young men didn’t join the armed struggle in Darfur, the South or east to bring down the government? They wouldn’t do that because they were parasites who wanted to benefit from the conflict rather than sacrifice to resolve it. I challenge you to name any one of these refugees who used to live in Khartoum. Even the stories we often hear about tortured by the security forces, like Salah Musa who was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor, was exaggerating because he would never have managed to make it to Egypt had he been actually arrested by security. And because these refugees are opportunists, they also stabbed the Egyptian government and people who welcomed them and provided them with food and shelter. What can you expect from a person who sold his or her country?

The Egyptian government and the UNHCR are to blame because they wanted to use those refugees as a means of pressurizing the Sudanese government. Now look at what happened to them! Exactly what happened to US when it created the mojahedeen movement to fight the

Who said to you the whole people of the Sudan need to be protected from the government? Do you actually live in Khartoum? If not, why don’t you visit Khartoum and see for yourself that we live in a peaceful and democratic state. The whole street where I live in Elhaj Yousif is inhabited by people from the margins (Darfur, the South, and Blue Nile) No body needs protection from the government there. On the contrary, we needed protection from the Southerners who attached us on Black Monday following the death of Garang!

Sarah, you are making a lot of damage to your country and to your nation by creating lies and asking others to believe them.

I am sorry to write to you in English because my system doesn’t support Arabic text but you can send your feed back in Arabic.


Ali Abdassalam

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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