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From Adil Bala to Charles Deng: It is your turn, SPLA. By: Adil Elkhidir Ahmed Bala, Houston Texas

1/7/2006 4:32 am

[email protected]
Dear Charles,
I have been busy for the last three weeks preparing for and attending an international scientific conference. Today I read your article (Sudaneseonline 12/12/05) and, herein is my response:
1- I have never been a member in any political party. My hope is SPLA will be a real democratic political party open to all the Sudanese regardless of their ethnic, religion etc. All the Sudanese are my brothers not only the NIF members, dear brother Charles.
2- I am trying to develop a resolution of this situation. You have misinterpreted and misunderstood my article. Please, reread both my article and yours. Although I understand your feelings, the criticism you have expressed towards me is unnecessary.
3- In brief, the four points in the opening statement of my article are:
a- Sudan is rich in natural resources;
b- Sudanese, except our rulers, embrace democracy. In fact, the majority of the Sudanese are not members in any political party;
c- British initiated the civil war (it is a fact).
d- The Sudan is experiencing a terrible situation since our independence 50 years ago, why? The reason as I believe, is our rulers in Khartoum whether they are soldiers or not, lack strategic planning and a plan for the development of a real democracy (my 4th point).
Your article in many ways supports my opinions, please read yours again.
We, the Sudanese, have suffered a lot. We need not to give up. We need to stand up for our nation, the whole nation and nothing but one nation. Cessation of the war is a great achievement for this peace agreement. We need now to develop our nation. This can be accomplished by:
• A national conference to create strategic plans agreed upon by all the Sudanese.
• Sound research.
• Real democratic political parties to implement the phases of these plans.
Such a peaceful solution would obviate the putting our country in danger. This is not an easy task and it takes time for such a noble goal.
If the old political parties fail to provide real models for achieving this goal, then it will be the responsibility of SPLA and the other new political parties to step up and do the job.
Remember, million Sudanese of all ethnics, religions etc welcomed the arrival of our posthumous hero, Dr. Garang in Khartoum. This was a wonderful celebration. For now, the challenge for SPLA is not be separate and rule the south but to lead, in a democratic manner, the whole of Sudan. Again, my hope the SPLA will be an open party for all the Sudanese. It is the SPLA’s turn with its active members and sympathizers to implement such a program.
It is great pleasure having discussion with you, dear brother Charles.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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