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What Do Sudanese people Gain From the Egyptian Sudanese relations by Samuel Ajuong Makuer- Edmonton, Canada

1/5/2006 7:48 pm

According to the Sharaq Aawsat on its Jan 4th, 2006 edition, the Egyptian consulate in Juba, the capital city of the government of the Southern Sudan (GOSS) has been closed down as a precaution against any reprisal relative to the Sudanese refugees massacre by the Egyptian security forces in Almuhandiseen on Dec 30, 2005. But what seem to have happened, is that the consul was asked to leave the city by the vice president of the government of the Southern Sudan Dr. Riak Machar, who courageously, on behalf of GOSS, and on behalf of all Sudanese people denounced, in a strongest term, such barbaric mass murdering of innocent Sudanese refugees under watch of the so- called UNHCR, which to me, is another branch of the Egyptian foreign ministry in Cairo as it had previously collaborated with the Egyptian authorities when the Egyptian security forces assaulted Sudanese women during the similar sit-in protest at UNHCR office in Cairo in 1994.

However, the Egyptian protectorate in Khartoum has lauded the Egyptian authorities but blamed the murdered children, women, and elderly for their death. Surprisingly enough in the wake of mass massacre of the Sudanese refugees by the Egyptian security forces, the Egyptian investment delegation has been warmly welcomed by the Sudanese minister of mining in Khartoum. Isn’t that disgraceful? Nowhere in the world can such thing happen, except in Sudan where human lives are worthless.

State relations with another state are supposed to be conducted on behalf and for the benefits of citizens in both states. The word citizen means any citizen holding citizenship of any particular state, be it a refugee or prisoner is a citizen and deserves full protection against any aggression from any kind; no matter how big or strong the aggressor is, governments always protect their citizens. But this principal is not in practice in Sudan where the interest of the governing party is more important than the citizens’ interests. Two incidences which occurred simultaneously in the end of last year proved this to be true. One case was involving the National Congress party (NC) diplomats who were abducted in Iraq, and the other was concerning the Sudanese refugees who were murdered by the Egyptian security forces while protesting peacefully for their rights. NC members’ lives had been taken care of by the government, whereas the lives of children, women, and elderly were forsaken in the hands of the brutal Egyptian security forces.

Dr. Riak Machar like any other Sudanese citizen has nothing to fear from the Egyptian government and has done what was expected from the Sudanese national government officials in Khartoum if they were really care for their citizens. Sudanese are not gaining anything from the Sudanese Egyptian relations. In contrary, Egyptians have been benefiting a lot from Sudan ever since, and yet the Egyptian government still bully towards Sudan; Egypt was digging the Jonglee canal which could have dried out all the Nile tributaries in which local population lives in the Southern Sudan depend, Egypt still conquering Haliaf, and in the new year eve Egypt murdered Sudanese refugees simply because they are worthless Sudanese. What are the Sudanese people really gaining from their ties with Egypt? It is time for the National government in Khartoum to revisit the relationships with Egypt because such relations have been on the expense of the Sudanese people.

Samuel Ajuong Makuer

Edmonton, Canada

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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