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They Killed them simply because.... by Mack Awer from Cairo

1/3/2006 7:19 pm

The Egyptian security forces killed the poor Sudanese refugees who were protesting infront of UNHCR office in Cairo for one hundred days simply because of the approaching African Cup of Nations tournament that will start very soon in Cairo. Nothing else behind that barbaric incident meted out on innocent people who have suffered for the past 21 year civil war.

I am appealing to the African countries that are participating in the tournament to boycott it. The tragedy degrade and insult all black Africans and not only Darfurians, Nubians and Southern Sudanese who are alive and who have been killed. What happened to some Africans in Morocco who were trying to cross into Europe also is a lesson to Back African countries. So those countries whose national teams are playing African Cup of Nations must stand with Black African Sudanese in Solidarity and not come to Egypt to play.

It is something incredible for the government of Egypt to order about 25, 000 security forces to attack defenceless refugees who were not violent or even a threat to public, but were only asking for their rights from the UNHCR. They stayed in a park for three months and ten days peacefully and on the 31 of December, they were attacked with water that contained nerve chemicals first and after that were beaten with electric trencheons by savage uncivilized security forces. Why? Because, they, Egyptans said, it will be a shame for them if the participating teams for African cup tournament with fans come and find refugees camping outside, so let us remove them.

So should those teams come and play, they have shared in killing Sudanese refugees and have betrayed black Africans and African unity. African Union must say something on this matter otherwise it is void of its commitments and responsiblity to protect poor original Africans that it represents.

The precise number of Sudanese refugees killed by the Egyptian government is 74 and not 25 people as the media is reporting it. Hundreds more are still missing without any trace. The governmet has deported most of them back to Sudan secretly and mostly Darfurians who are wanted by the Sudanese Islamic regime of stupid Bashir who is only obsessed to kill all blacks in Sudan.

Southern Sudan Government led by Salva Kiir Mayardit must appeal to all African countries whose teams are sharing in the Cup to boycott it.

I believe in such dark times, African should not be oblivious of what is happening to them. The incident is an insult to African Leaders. So how can someone kill your brother, wife, and child and invite you to his party? Is African Cup Tournament worth much than Black Sudanese refugees' blood that was shed because of it? I appeal to president Obasanjo, Thabo Mbeki, Mwai Kibaki, Isias Afowerky, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Abdhalla Wade, Omer Bongo, Idris Deby, Sirleaf, Laurent Gbagbo and Prime Minister Meles Zenawy to stand in solidarity with Sudanese refugees killed by the Egyptian government by boycotting the African Cup of Nations not to be played this time. Egypt, Morocco and Sudan must be suspended in the AU for not respecting the principles of the AU by killing innocent peoples whom they claim to represent. Egyptian citizens are everywhere in every African country, but are not treated as they are doing to every African citizen in their country.
African leaders of today must not be like the past ones. Speak up for and on behalf of your people. AU must be cleaned for those rogue states who have two identities. Those who say we are Africans and represent them, but kill the very people in their compounds. As young African youth who have witnessed this bloody killing, I want to hear a response from our truly, the true African leaders. It is time now for true African leaders to put aside interests that always blind them and see what is happening to their people. Because of interests, African continent is still backward.

Nothing more. The incident has robbed everyone of words, especially, the true Africans. Happy New Year to you all.

Mack Awer from Cairo- [email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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