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A Guilty Conscience Needs No Accuser By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA)

1/25/2006 7:30 pm

By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA)
January 25, 2006

If the genocider Omar Al-Bashir had been accepted to lead the African Union (AU) this year, then the genocider Hitler would have to be nominated for Nobel Peace Award, next year.

The genocider Omar Al-Bashir doesnt feel guilty of killing more than 2.500.000 innocent Sudanese people in South Sudan. Some years ago, many northerners have been encouraged by him to fight as Jihad (holly war) against the SPLM/A. And he doesnt feel guilty of killing almost 400.000 innocent people in Darfur. Moreover, the killing and different kind of atrocities are still going on there. Therere other crimes that he (Omar Al-Bashir) and his accomplices have committed during all these years in power, against the Sudanese citizens. Because, hes a boody murder and a butcher without any conscience. Even so, his bad reputation regarding his poor human rights record in Darfur and South Sudan is known all over the world (except in Arab countries), he has the cheek to demand the AU Chairmanship.

Of coure, the majority of the African leaders has rejected to accept a such foolish demand, but all the Arab-African countries have supported him. Their attitude was coherente!!, since, the Arab League never!, never! has been seriously interested to help our country, so as to solve its ethnic problems, specially when the victims are indigenous people like Southerners and Darfurians. This is the reason why the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was achieved thanks to African countries efforts (IGAD countries) and signed in Kenya, not in the Arab League Headquarters. And the current negociations between the Fighters for the Dignity of the Indigenous Darfurians and the AL-INTIKAS regime is taking place in Abuja (Nigeria), not in Cairo or other Arab city. WHY? SUDAN IS AN ARAB COUNTRY, ISNT IT?

Those who have supported the dictator Omar Al-Bashir, should know that their demand is absurd, unwise and outrageous. Because they want to convert a Janjaweed Field Marshal into the chief of the AU Peace Keepers in Darfur.Who precisely have went there to protect the Darfurians from Janjaweed atrocities.

In Sudan, we have a proverb says: if two people tell you that your head is not in its place, then you should toch it, maybe, therere right. This means, if many people tell you that youre wrong, then you should change your mind: all NGOs around the word, who are dedicating great efforts to bring peace to Darfur and Sudan in general, have struggled very hard to prevent the genocider Omar Al-Bashir to achieve his goal (to be the leader of the AU). But, the AL-INTIKAS regime and the parasites (those who get privileges and economic benefits from it) have used all mass media to propagate their false arguments; they consider the dictator and the Nation as sinonimous, they repeat again and again that we (NGOs) are against Sudan. Of course, this is absolutely FALSE, because were only against him (the genocider Omar Al-Bashir) and his fascist regime. Time will tell those false patriots that they were wrong, when their master Omar Al-Bashirs regime is over.

Now, fortunatelty, he has been defeated. So, he should toch his head (he should make his mind), to negotiate in good-fath with the rebels, so as to bring justice to our country. Then and only then, the president of Sudan will be welcomed to lead the African Union (AU). By the way, if theres justice in Sudan, a genocider could never be the President of the country. Therefore, the genocider Omar Al-Bashir should face trail in the International Criminal Court (ICC), and, an elected president should have the honor to lead Sudan and the African Union (AU), as well.


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