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The attractive choice of unity and the threatening choice of separation By Santo Akuei (Ibrahim) Akoon Kuc

2/4/2006 4:28 pm

The attractive choice of unity and the threatening choice of separation
By Santo Akuei (Ibrahim) Akoon Kuc

Since the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) was signed nothing has been done by the government of Sudan to show their much concern in promoting the peace agreement in the country. The peace agreement is filed on the shelf and it remained an ink on the papers and many of it articles and points of agreement are freeze, only the political symbolic positions are active and their activities neither benefit the south Sudan nor the government of unity.
One year has passed still no symbols of unity are not observed in Sudan instead, many political conflicts emerge on the wealth share and positions ………………etc. although the peace agreement has covered these points on negotiation still conflicts are coming up on the wealth share , Abyei area, budget ………..etc .
These conflicts threaten the CPA, and if the government of national unity did not work carefully and follow the steps of PA we may see rivers of blood flowing in the heart of capital city, Khartoum.
And if the problems are not solved it may extend to threaten the unity of Sudan.
As months and years passed by, we recently seen southerners citizens celebrating the first happy birth day of PA their joy and happiness was not the expression of stability and development achievement as a fruits of PA nor the promotion of successful and honorable peace in Sudan but they were expressing their hope for the coming new born country in Africa to be added to the African countries.
This celebration is offered to the years has an appreciation in helping southerners in running fast to bring the new born to Africa and especially to southerners and share the occasions of happiness and joy with them.
The years will not ran long but as short as they ran with National Salvation revolution and as 17 years has ran shortly, 6 years will not ran long, as we were recently delighted by the swift pass of one year of signing the CPA.
We have not seen the had work of the government within one year any achievement or development which will encourage the southerners to vote later to what the government called the attractive choice of unity, instead we almost heard the government curtailment in implementing the PA and this curtailment will not promoted the unity of Sudan, this curtailment could be the reference to the other negotiating parties with the government as an instance to the government nonentity to peace agreement and it implementation, the government should work hard to show their desire on peace and stability in Sudan.
When will the government show their attractive choice of unity to southerners which is based on the developmental projects in south plus the implementation of peace agreement, because development could not be achievement in south without the implementation of peace agreement and justice distribution of revenues and petroleum income in addition to the provision of south Sudan government budget. This is not enough only for the united hands of both governments is needed to ensure the promotion of peace and development in Sudan , which will consequently ensure the attraction of the choice of the attractive unity otherwise , this attractive force of unity will be threaten by the attractive force of separation and here the two negative forces will diverge.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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