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2/22/2006 9:00 am


The situation in Darfur Region is the worst crisis in the world at the moment. The war erupted in the region officially in February, 2003, when the freedom fighters took up arms and decided to fight the oppresive regime in Khartoum in an effort to bring an end to the suffering of the indeginous black Africans from the Arab tribes and successive regimes in Khartoum that continued for 90 years (1916-2006).
Darfur is one of the largest regions of Sudan and its size is estimated by various sources to be like the size of France. Actually, the insurgency started in the 80s but the governments of the time used to call them bandits (guthaa e'thurug).
The word 'Darfur' means 'The Fur homeland'. The region was named after the tribe called 'Fur'. And Fur tribe is one of the biggest tribes of the region. The Fur people ruled this region and they used to have their own kingdom and independent state till it was incorporated in the current Sudan officially in 1916 by the British. The other tribes are Masaliit, Zagawa, El-mimi, El-Tenjuur, el-Daju, El-Bergo, El-Falata, el-Berti, el-Gamar, el-Tama and el-Hawsa. Also there are Arab tribes that settled in the region and they are as follows: Rizzigat, el-Abala, Ben Hussein, El-Maharia, Ben Halaba, el Julul, Habbania, Aurigat and Taaisha.
These black African tribes of the region are just like other African tribes of Sudan; they have got their own culture, traditions, customs and languages and they need to preserve them.
Now about 180,000 people are reported to have been killed by the Sudanese government with its militia called Janjaweed and more than two million people are displaced within the country and thousands of people took refuge in the neighbouring Chad. The killing has mounted to genocide. The population of the region is estimated to be 6 million people.
The international community said a lot about this crisis and less has been done.The genocide in Darfur is just like the Rawadan and the Bulkan genocides. Though there are learnt lessons from the past, however, the international community is still not taking a drastic action.
1-The black people of Darfur must continue their peaceful struggle till they rally the international community behind them.
2-The SPLM/A must try to put pressure on the National Congress Party so that it ends the violance in Darfur.
3-There is need of the intervention of the UN Peace Keeping Force in the region led by the US and the UK forces as soon as possible.
3-UN Security Council must put pressure on the National Congress Party or even imposes sanctions on the members of NCP who are Officials of the Government of National Unity.
4-Liberation Movements of the region must make deals at the talks that must safeguard the interests of the people of the region by getting at least 50% in power and wealth sharing from the 50% of the government of National Unity. Security arranements that will guarantee a saparate army for the region are important.
5-The right of Self-determination of the region after a certain interim period they will agree on.
6-The Arab League must play a role that will show/justify that what is happening in Darfur Region is not racial.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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