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An Open Letter to the AL-NIFAQ newspapers director, the fascist Mohamed Taha and the Racist Adolph Haidar Shalgami (Shar-rani) By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa

2/19/2006 9:21 pm

and the Racist Adolph Haidar Shalgami (Shar-rani)

By Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfurs Friends Association (DFA)
February 19, 2006.

On behalf of all indigenous Darfurians people who suffer from racism and atrocities, and in particular the Zaghawa and Fur tribes. I condemn in the strongest term possible the racist campaigns of defamation, disinformation and hatred against these tribes. Since both of them are leading the struggle for the dignity of the indigenous Darfurians and the disadvantaged Sudanese people in the rest of the country. AL-INTIKAS regime is using some fascist elements like Taha, Shalgami, etc. as CIBER-JANJAWEED in order to use the mass media and the Internet to help the criminal Janjaweed Field Marshal, Omar Al-Bashir and his accomplices to justify their atrocities that they committed against these tribes and others.

WHY THESE FASCIST ELEMENTS NEVER TALK ABOUT THE VICTIMS AND THE ATROCITIES THAT STILL GOING ON, IN DARFUR? And why they never talk about the corruption, about the enrichment of very few minorities, the poverty and misery that are very clear to anybody who visit our country? Why they dont talk about the numerous crimes thats been committed by this fascist regime, for almost 17 years?

Obviously, they are not interested to focus their articles towards the crimes committed by their master, the criminal Omar Al-Bashir; because they serve him. Moreover, they havent got solid arguments to convince the readers, so they use insults, defamation and very DIRTY words in order to attract those who love dirtiness like them. Therefore, I advice those mass media which propagate their dirty words should take care, because they could dirty their mass media by permitting such dirtiness on their websites. Unless, they dont worry about this issue. And they should learn from the issue of the insulting cartoons against the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) that have been published in Denmark and other European countries, because many people who believe in absolute freedom of expression have realised that, they cannot use it to defame and insult or to propagate false information.


Today, many INTIKASI mass media such as (smc) and the INTIKASI journalists such as ALI ISMAEL AL-ATABANI, MOHAMED TAHA MOHAMED AHMED, MOHAMED IBRAHIM AL-SHUSH, KAMAL HASSAN BAKHET, etc. are constantly discrediting, defaming and insulting the opposition in general, the Darfurian and their rebel groups, in particular. Moreover, they tell false information and encourage Darfurians to hate each other. However, they applaud and praise the genocidal Omar Al-Bashir like HAKAMAT, but they never!! talk about his numerous crimes and atrocities that he committed against our people, since he came to power by the force of guns in 1989. Nor his shameful silent regarding the occupation of Halaib triangle by the Egyptian forces since 1992. Because theyre false patriots and interested in keeping AL-INTIKAS regime. Since they receive benefits from it.

Many INTIKASI people talk too much against the US and they repeat constantly their hatred against it, against the Zionism and Jewish; meanwhile their master Omar Al-Bashir is co-operating with the CIA and the FBA:
Los Angeles Times has reported: Sudans secret police had began to crack down on suspected Islamists, had shared evidence with the FBI and alllowed US personnel to interrogate al-Qaida suspects. Moreover, officials in Washington said Khartoum is probably the only government in the Arab League that has contributed in major way to the protection of US forces and citizens in Iraq and AL-INTIKAS Intelligence chief, Salah Abdallah Gosh has visited Washington recently, why? Did he go on vacation?

Moreover, their admirable Housni Mubark, King Abdallah of Jordan... have full diplomatic and economic relations with Israel; its embassies opened in Cairo, Amman and in other Arab capitals, and the Jewish flag had been raised over them, but they (the HAKAMAT of the regime) shut their mouths like hens, because they are not objectives nor have enough courage to mention this issue and criticise it. Instead, they choose the easiest option: use deceits against the Darfurian rebels and against certain ethnic groups such as Zaghawa and Fur, in order to make the Sudanese people hate them. But, their arguments are so stupid. Some months ago, they (INTIKASI people and their master Omar Al-Bashir) said that the Vatican and the Christian church are using the Darfurian rebels in order to preach the Christianity in Darfur, and convert their good Muslims into Christians. They forgot that during all the British colonial period, Christian missionaries failed even to convert a single Darfurian into a Christian. Nevertheless, half century later, they use Darfur sons to convert their fathers, mothers and sisters into Christians!! Without being Christians themselves. WHAT A DECEIT, WHAT A STUPID ARGUMENT AND WHAT A STUPID WAY OF THINKING!!!


The fascist MOHAMED TAHA MOHAMED AHMED should take off the mask and tell us (the Sudanese people) about the hidden hands that use him to achieve their goal, destroying the pacific living together among all the Sudanese ethnic groups. Why he is horribly hypocrite and fake? Why he uses Islam as slogan and act as an extremist racist and fascist? HE SHOULD KNOW THAT HIS BEHAVIOUR DOESNT BELONG TO ISLAM NOR WHATEVER RELIGION!!

Some innocent people believe that this hypocrite director is seeking publicity and wants to be famous, but I dont think so; because this fascist element and his newspaper serve the interests of the regime. For instance, if Mohamed Taha was not INTIKASI (belong to Al-Intikas regime), he would never dare to insult the prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) because he would be killed like Mahmood Mohamed Taha, who has been killed by the former dictator Nimeri; accused of blasphemy, even though he never insulted the prophet. Therefore, the hypocrisy of this regime is very clear as well as its objectives: The dictator Omar Al-Bashir and his accomplices just want power and money; they use Islam just as a mask to hide their real face.

Nevertheless, someday, the real democracy and justice will come, then you (Taha, Shalgami, etc.) youll be forced to act according to law. Since the apology of racism will not be tolerated. Otherwise, youll be trailed, because in a democratic regime, freedom of expression will be guaranteed for everybody, but nobody will have the right to insult and defame. So, you should be MOUADAB as soon as possible, because the real democracy and freedom are coming soon!!

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