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The bogey of Sudan Television By: Izzadin Abdul Rasoul Mohamed

2/12/2006 8:32 am

The bogey of Sudan Television

By: Izzadin Abdul Rasoul Mohamed

I was very content and pleased on the statement made by the head of SPLM/A caucus Mr. Yasir Arman. When he mention on his statement that Sudan Media should not reflect the views and opinions of certain group. Yes that is right, let the private owned press to reflect views of an ethnic, religious, political or any minority group, but the national media that belongs to the Sudan government and all people of the Sudan should reflect the diversity of our country, the opinions of different political parties and other groups. But it’s a fatal mistake to let the Sudan national media to depict and speculate the views of NCP only. Since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement between SPLM/A and the National Congress Party, up to now the national press and the private press reflect the opinions of NCP members, even many people especially the SPLM/A supporter were astonished to the extend, that they have started accusing their leaders of being sold by the NCP as they are well known for that professional.
Last month I was invited by SPLM/A to attend one of their celebrations, I was really very happy with the programs presented there, although I have asked my friend who is a very prominent member in SPLM/A, if that program was direct on air on Sudan TV and Radio. Unfortunately he said No, he continued to say, but we have no money to install our own media channels. At those moments I wondered, then I asked myself is not SPLM/A a part of the current government? Yes my friend answered. But why don’t you use your rights? Then he started stammering.
I think the statement of the Vice president/ chairman of South Sudan Government Kiir and Yasir Arman has cleared SPLM/A from the spread roam and accusations that SPLM/A is payed for this leery silence. Moreover that after the death of the chairman John Garang SPLM/A has lost the balance. For these I think SPLM/A should use it rights that are signed on CPA, and appear occasionally on the national media to explain more about their future programs for the people of the Sudan, because the programs of the Sudan TV has never changed since the signing of the CPA. The names and faces that occupied the national TV before CPA are the same names and faces. It happened so many times to ask friends if they have watched the program so that were aired on national TV? Some said they do not use to watch the Sudan, TV, because Sudan TV hosts’ person or a family for one hour, and the international standard of the longest program is fifteen minutes. Another person said; in gulf countries, if someone wants to stop his or her little son or daughter from irritating them, they tell him or her: hey if you don’t stop doing so, I will open you Sudan TV.
So I would like to tell to those, who as if having the ownership of the Sudan TV; that if the time of our national TV is devided according to the populations then everybody will get them in nano-second. So, why do those people devour the rights of others? Is it not a kind of selfishness? Sudan is a very big country therefore I suggest that the hours of our national TV to be divided according to the numbers of the regions, then it s for the people of the region to decide what they want to be aired, even if they just want to cough in their time, is up to them.
And my last advice to SPLM/A leaders is to try to fine a TV and radio station for themselves and their supporters, other wise they will loose the credibility of their supporters.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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