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12/22/2005 10:29 am

The SPLA\M which had launched the war in 1983 participated immensely in deterioration of the Sudanese economy as awhole , but Dr. John Garang the chairman of the SPLA played important role in displacement of his own people and confiscating their cattles and recruiting their sons by force …
The southerners were doing hard efforts to flee the the war , while they were escaping toward the north half of them die in the road due to the thirst and hunger , those who manage to reach the north they seek refuge there , according to my survey when I was in the south I found 60% were not agree with Garang dictator policy most of them accuse him by implementing foreign policy in the southern part of the country …
The war claimed more than two million lives within twenty years of war the majority of this record were southerners so recently we find some military factions disunited from SPLA and others created new factions doing independently from SPLA and some times chasing SPLA so both the military and political image of Dr.Garang started to fade because the south had been the arena of several military factions and every faction has its prominent chairman …
Garang arrived in Khartoum and participated in boosting peace in the country but other very important southerners consider peace treaty as fragile treaty and other hard liners described Garang as aservant working under the tyranny of the north so they were not agree with peace treaty, infact Dr. Garang was unionist man to be unionist this is not please some Zionist and western circles during the war they provide him with weapons and hard currencys so they surely have some hidden targets to be implemented under the umbrella of the war or disunity but despite the fact that Garang promised the west by realizing their dreams in the south but he changed his mind and decided to put an end to the war so he called for the permanent peace and unity and neglect the promises of his war supporters so they put him in the black list and finally Dr.Garang promised his friend the Ugandese president Yori Moseveni to get rid of the Lord Army which fighting the Ugandese government the Lord Army launching the war against Uganda from the far southern Sudanese territories the Garang decision of eradicating Lord Army from the south this might cost him very high price , especially that he was flying from New side to kampala over the military operations zone of the Lord Army so we want to know the absence of Dr.John Garang is it assassination or normal accident ??? If it is assassination all the Sudanese people very eager to know the facts by saying WHO HAD KILLED DR.JOHN…

Gibreel Musa Ahmed
Doha ---- Qatar [email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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