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Will America Occupy Darfur Under Pretext Of The African Union Failure by Gibreel Musa Ahmed-Khartoum United Sudan

12/15/2005 12:21 pm

We know that the African union failed completely to keep security in the
turmoil region of Darfur but this Failure gave green light to United States
to send troops to the region.
In fact the American interference in Darfur consider as adream since long
ago, according to my opinion and according to our patriotism not only
America intend to occupy Darfur but also what so called African union we
consider its activities as sort of occupation so we consider every foreign
intervention in our domestic as some sort of new colonization to our lovely
tretorry of Darfur, what is going on in Darfor realy internal and domestic
issues but we found our domestic issues take their way to globalization we
know that the western imperialist circles doing their best to create
aggressive scenario against the Sudan .
America go so far when it demand by handing over some Sudanese officials
claimed by committing war crimes in Darfur such accusation means glare
aggression means preparation for invasion means every thing so evil, we can
say to America we as the people of Darfur we hail the the failure of the
African Union in their aggressive mission in our lands but right now we
prepare ourselves to confront every American possible invasion so the region
of Darfur will be grave yards for the Yankees who dream of Darfur as they
before dreamed of Baghdad so they will find Darfur more dangerous than
Baghdad and Vietnam who knows the region of Darfur in the future might be as
Leningrad for those who cross the oceans to occupy others countries .
America seems to be more careful for Darfur than Darfurians themselves,the
US slight allegations which says the government of Khartoum violating human
rights in Darfur this is just one of the American foreign policy that aims
to reshape not only the region of the middle east but also all the Islamic
countries started by the invasion of Afghanestan which result in toppling
Taleban Islamic government and the hands of glare hostility reached Iraq and
toppled the legitimate government of Saddam Hussein the American aggression
still chasing many regimes such as Iran and Syria bur right now the most
important zone for the American military operation is the region of Darfur,
but Darfur promising the Yankees and other invaders by historical defeat
that they never witness before all the Sudanese people stand firmly and
strongly against those who try to disunite our country and irritate the wars
between the sons of the united country, the war which is going on now in
darfur is supplied by America and the Zionism, US and Israel has a lot of
things to do through the war of Darfur, we know that after their greedy
project fail in the south they created the war of Darfur when America occupy
acountry not for nothing but to get benefits forexample : When it occupied
Afghanestan just to set military airbases there because America still fear
the former Soviet Union : It occupied Iraq not to topple Saddam but to steal
the Iraqi oil and finally the aim of threatening the government of Khartoum
means to deface the Islamic religion in the Sudan because not only America
but the west as awhole consider Sudan as the source of Islam and they
frankly consider Islam as the source of what so called terrorism …

Gibreel Musa Ahmed

Khartoum United Sudan

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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