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Slavery in Sudan Between the Power And the Intellectual Comment on the impact of Dr. Ushari,s and Balldo,s Book: Slavery in West Sudan by Ahmed Elamin Ahmed

12/14/2005 4:07 pm

Ahmed Elamin Ahmed

No, doubt slavery is the most terrible experience in history of mankind ,in Sudan it has historic , psychological, cultural and political dimensions .For long time it remains hidden and unmentioned except between the pages of the books written by the whites and bishops who roamed the jungles of Africa after the release of the European mind from the darkness thus when two Muslims Arab –as the normal classification –Dr. Ushari and Dr. Balldo of Faculty of Arts of University of Khartoum had shown to the world at the end of Sadiq Mahdi so called democracy in Sudan 1986-1989 in a an authorized , documented, academic and cultural booklet that there is slavery and human rights violations in part of modern Sudan ,all the governments and most the miserable educated northerners in Khartoum have turned down the table ,ignoring slavery practice in west Sudan describing those two academics as agents and spies for foreign forces who work to destroy Sudan and Islam. In fact both of the intellectual who describes himself as Arabian\Muslim \northerner and the governing power fall in a big trap towards what the two authors had called "return of slavery to Sudan a matter that abstracts the authority in this era from the aspects of authorization , empowerment, legalization and weakens its diplomatic and political attitude among the other countries beside aborting all the basic components of its local ,regional and international discourse thus it shows teeth to threaten the authors and all those who portray slavery in Sudan. Slavery and human rights abuses in Sudan is real mainly in the west and the south where invasion ,armed raids ,kidnapping ,walking on foot for long distance, ropes around necks ,rapping, using blacks as currencies!!!......etc ,all these prove the return and existence of slavery in Sudan ,on the outskirts of my el-Mug lad-"my mother's home town" the historical base of Missiria tribes who call themselves Arabs I had seen people proud of bracelets made of ears cut from their Dinka victims whom were killed by young adventurer of that tribe to prove their manhood and bravery !!!beside it is normal there to give the tribal poetess or your beloved a number of ears or teeth you snatch from your Dinka victim also most of Nuba and Dinka who work there as cowboys or seasonal labors usually receive very little salaries without warranty ,they work around the clock and given food without salt and tea without sugar" for Missiria tribe tea is precious and normally given to as respect!!!" and taken sometimes to police station suspected falsely of theft if they insist asking for their salaries or good conditions of living needless to remind that el-Mug lad is the village which witnessed holocaust of hundred of Dinka whom were burnt alive to death in the police station!! In 1964 few months after my birth .
Miles from it lies EL-DHAIN the scene of the mentioned slavery and holocaust of more than thousand Dinka members in the railway station…..which is the issue of this booklet written by Dr.Ushari and his colleague Dr. Balldo who were teaching me at that time Journalism and French at Faculty of Arts in University of Khartoum.
The debate on the content of that book should be based on deeper bases and principles not on positions and attitudes, the prime minister at that time Sadiq elMahdi assumed that he talks as an elected authorized leader thus this book is undebatable for him ,he believes that he was born to think on behalf of all Sudanese!!!alot of critics to the book were based on prolonged debate on the historic relations between Dinka\Rezigat tribes who some of them had committed slavery and the sacrifice,intermarriage,brotherhood ,harmony and the internal mutual benefits.
The book doesn't deny some of the above facts but it treated them as an exception a matter that was proved by the slavery and the holocaust which the government and the symbols of Arab in the area ignore.
To crucify the ethnic-conflict ,vanishing the racism and building the New Sudan as they call it doesn't not be through celebrating the forged symbols and romantic ideas but through sinking the thought and sense in to the essence of the collective relation and its main generators and results such as slavery,violations,abuses,raids,,,,etc we have to concentrate on this as the right beginning in a long walk to establish the so called the New Sudan.

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين

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