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Hungry Man Need Not Be Told To Eat by Mack Awer from Cairo

4/14/2006 5:46 pm

This article is a response to South Sudan Democratic Forum Party's criticism to Mr. Kiir's speech to the South Sudan Pairlimant in Juba last week as being void and irrelevant to the need of Southern Sudanese. What I can tell my brothers in the SSDFP,is that, South Sudan doesn't belong to SPLM so as to accomplish the basic and essential needs of our people in this time for re-building. At this very difficult moment when our people need their representatives to give them what they didn't had for the past fifty years of miseries and servitude must not be left only to one party who solely depends on foreign aid and the little that is offered by the enemy in the National Government in Khartoum through arguments and even threats.

SSDF should not just watch the leading party shouldering the burden alone and criticises them when assuring their peoples of what little they have achieved and trying to offer them.
Who is responsible for the insecurity in the South? I bet Everyone knows who are these forces of evils, killing, looting and sabotages and they know themselves. LRA is still backed SAF in Equatoria to creat havoc. While Upper Nile state is being terrorized by the militia terror group of SSDF, army militia wing of SSDFP and SUDIA which are accusing SPLM of failing to address insecurity and instability in the South. The insecurity existed since when the SPLM/A was in arm. These decorated militia parties were stabbing the SPLM/A on the back during the strugle for freedom. So then, what offer has SPLM has not given to its people?
If SSDF really advocates the freedom of their people to leave in peace and dignity, there is no need to invite them to the table.

Addition, too, SSDFP must reform itself. The party is hundred percent Nuer party, and according to my view, this is potraying the Nuer peoples as obstacle for the progress of Southern Sudanese to achieve whatever they long and suffered for. The party even calls on the GoSS to negotiate with Gordon Kong, confusing everyone what really are they up to when peace had come at last and for development and peace to replace war in which they were used by the Khartoum regime as proxies against the main stream, killing their people at will under the orders of Arabs. According to the CPA, there must be no third army in Sudan. So what are you demanding the GoSS to dailogue with Kong when the agreement stipulates that either join SAF, or SPLA.

I do believe in the future, SSDF leaders will find themselves going to Hague to stand trial infront of International Tribune Court for their atrocities they have commited against innocent citizens of South Sudan. So, take time to compromise whatever you are trying with the SPLM to settle inoder to win the confident of your people. SPLM has already done his patriotic duty for bringing to them CPA, their Government and Self dignity.

Also, I appeal to Nuer peoples in general to ignore my sayings in this article if it could anger them in one way or another, for I only mean opportunists, whether be they Nuer, Dinka or Bari leaders who are trying to divert the long achived goals and aspirations of our dearset people.

Mack Awer from Cairo

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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