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Reply to Nuer , Union of Nuer Community in North America's Press Release. by Mack Awer Riak-Cairo

9/27/2005 10:30 am

Sir- this is a reply to UNCONA's press release dated 24/9/2005, in which they said, Nuer politicians should withdraw from the Government o National Unity of Sudan.

Mr. John Gatluak, really one can share your fears and those of other tribes you complained had been left out in the unity government. But I think you have gone so far where angels cannot tread. We Southern Sudanese are going through sensitive times that need wisdom, patience and cooperation and overlook our shortcomings. Injustice, inequality, partiality and marginalization have been there since indepedence. We are still dealing with the forces of this camp and if Dinka have forgotten theire brethren, and try to conspire with the enemy, then previous misfortunes and woes will come upon us all-Southerners.

It is absolute logic that many top positions have gone to Dinka, but the solution to that is not to call Nuer politicians to withdraw from SPLM and incite military solution to protect Nuerland. I believe there is no connection between positions and Nuerland as you have suggested about four million Nuer are in arm to face the Dinka or their allies. You should seek politcal solution. Yes, 80% oil reserves are in Nuerland, but it is a national wealth that has nothing to do with Nuer politicains and positions-other tribes'politicians are holding high positions and have got no oil in their lands. The Council complained that Nuer is not represented along with other tribe-why didn't you, too call those tribes to withdraw and took up arms? Maybe you are the ones trying to conspire against Southerners after walking a long as such. I don't know which criteria must every tribe be represented? There is nothing like that in Democracy and politcs. There are parties that can be represented and not tribes. If you think so, then we should have 51, first vice presidents as we have fifty-one tribes in South Sudan.

To bring you in attention, the main fuss in the formation of the GONU is "Fairness". John Luk, a patriotic man who fought the war from the beginning to the end was to be a minister and not state minister and made a symbolic move when when he decide not to take his post. that is how a solution can be reached, but you Mr. President of UNCONA, what kind of intelectual mind you possess? A mind bent only on destruction and war. People like yours have been the setback of Southern issue. Why sould people want to resort to war at this time around, preferring miltary remedy over that of peace and political ones.

You went so far as how the guardians of "Ngundeeng" got rid of Garang and insist now to d the same to Salva-what will benefit if the situation backfire and you also in Canada? At this gloom time, a ten year old child cannot let that word pass through its mouth. You are enemies of peace. If Dinka are power hungry, give them three years and seek a solution to their hegemony ouver all tribe in the South-Iam Dinka myself, but not through military confrontation.

Nuer and Dinka are the same in every perspective. You boast of yourselves of being majority-Does South belong to you? What about other tribes? My country men, let us stand together and support Mr.Kiir this time around until we reach Canaan-"SixYears". He is in the field with our enemy. He is not mature to handle things the way we want it. Kiir is a poltical novice that need all Southern Sudanese backing to reach six years in which we determine our destiny.

Let us start under the grassroot to preach everyone and individual to know that tribalism and segregation are bad. Everyone must improve his/her role in the society. Our problem is every aspect of our civil society is intrinsically connected with tribe of which we can do everything to free ourselves. We need stability at this time and start the development of the South and the gurantee to that is patience.

I demand Mr. John Gatluak Kam of UNCONA to have long sight visions and not the nearest ones. William Nyuon, Arok Thon, Karubino Kuanyin and John Garang, the sole founders of the SPLM/SPLA have all gone in way that no one can imagine and explain-only Salva is one founder who is left now-do we know that those have sinned greatly against the land of Souh Sudan or not. Let us unite specially now that the ball is in the field and are waiting for final below of the whistle which we have in our hands, Southerners.

Mack Awer Riak
[email protected]

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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