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Bloody Land (Abyei) By Biong Chol Biong-Cairo,Egypt

9/23/2005 4:51 pm

Before i start my article,i do convey my greeting to the international committee for the duty that they have done,even though my congratulation very late.Abyei will remain southern land and nobody will deny this fact.The Elite from umm party said that the internaltional was injustice towards Al_bagara people,really when i read the articles of some people who called themselves Arab about the Abyei case,I just felt sorry.Iam not seeing anybody in Abyei area that can be called.I do for give them,because they have no background about this conflict and also they are trying to reminding the Abyei people the past wrong deeds,which let its people fled to North Sudan and some fled refugees in counties.My advise to those people is that, think first before you act.We know them, they want Abyei Land not the people.This will never happen at all ,some claimed that the Abyei people have a good relation with them this is false,even their supporters have the same ideoloyg,but the Abyei youth of today will not tolerate anymore.The previous governments treated people of south inhuman way,because they were misleading the public world opinion especially the Arab world about the civil war in south,But God stands always with the oppressions people.If we need sudan to be a united country,we must leave the spirit of selfishness and classification.Some people were expecting that,the death of man of peace Dr John Garang will break peace agreement out and the splm/a will get co labsand this is their aim.Iam telling those who have this wrong idea alas for them.We have been waiting for a new sudan with a new policies.We need sudan which promote the general welfare in a democratic society and give the right to every single one equally.

By Biong Chol Biong

اقرا اخر الاخبار السودانية على سودانيز اون لاين
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